Tuesday, December 4th 2018

NZXT Announces Limited Edition PUBG Pan Puck

NZXT and PUBG Corporation today announced that two icons of PC gaming, the NZXT Puck and the Pan from PUBG, are together at last. The perfect addition to any gaming battlestation, the NZXT Pan Puck will bash your cable management woes while securely storing any audio headset. With the NZXT Pan Puck your headset is always ready for when you drop into the heat of battle.

"In a heated game of PUBG, I always know that my pan has my back. Whether I am deep in the jungles of Sanhok or the military base in Erangel, the pan has saved me more times than I can count," says Johnny Hou, NZXT's founder, and CEO. "Working again with PUBG Corp. to bring such a trusty and powerful tool to your battle station is very exciting for us. Now with the NZXT Pan Puck you can count on the same level of support when it comes to cable management."
As the third entry in NZXT's CRFT line of custom crafted limited edition gaming products, only 2,000 units of this Puck will ever be produced. Fans of PUBG will want to make sure to pick one up before the circle closes.

NZXT Pan Puck Features:
  • Magnetized to stick on any metal surface such as the CRFT 01 PUBG H700 case.
  • Efficiently store and manage your audio headset.
  • Made of non-conductive and hazardous-free silicone.
  • Not for cooking.
MSRP Pricing: NZXT Pan Puck: $29.99 USD.

Availability: December 4, 2018.
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10 Comments on NZXT Announces Limited Edition PUBG Pan Puck

robot zombie
Man... what is it with them and thier pucks? Always acting like its this magical innovation when its really just magnets wrapped in silicone.

I just think... for this a marketing guy keeps his job.

They are handy... one came with my case. But for 30 bucks?
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Perfect trinket to stick onto your chassis... right next to your HDD cage...
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silentbogoPerfect trinket to stick onto your chassis... right next to your HDD cage...
Was thinking the same thing. What could go wrong. Like driving with headphones on :-)
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~Technological Technocrat~
I'm talking orders. for $15.99 i can make you one - maybe not as fancy with all the engravings and letterings but at least on the upside you can make your tea with it or gravy for your sunday luncheon when your done with your fragtastic lanfest.

so for $15.99 you can have something with a lot more utility and wont melt in the bath* or the heat of battle. (*Acid baths will void your warranty and I wont be held responsible)

Does not include shipping. Bulk orders welcome.
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robot zombie
Iirc its actually pretty hard to damage an HDD with any sort of magnet. Obviously the guts are highly susceptible... but the sheilding the enclosures provide is nessesarily very substantial. If a simple magnet was enough to screw up a sealed drive, Id think any number of things happening in the case already would get to it first.

Think about how strong the magnets in that enclosure are. And yet the field doesnt escape - you cant stick ferrous stuff to the enclosure. Stands to reason it should work from the outside in too.

Probably wise to keep magnets away... dont get me wrong. But a couple of neodynium magnets encased in silicone stuck on a peice of steel with layers of plastic stuck on and open space between it and the hard drive... I'd hope it'd take a little more than that.
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I would of loved to hear the pitch from the marketing department to get the green light on this. Probably something like:

Marketing Twerp: "we have a tie in to PUBG".
Random Executive Head: "Yeah, go with that".
Marketing Twerp: "Don't you want to know what it is?"
Random Executive Head: "Why are you still in my office?"
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I thought it was for cooking at first. Was actually mildly interested in the PC business getting into cookware for some reason. My poor poor brain.
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silentbogoPerfect trinket to stick onto your chassis... right next to your HDD cage...
And what do you think moves the heads around in an HDD the bloody hand of god or magic
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looks nice but it's stupid

you should use it for cooking
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