Monday, December 10th 2018

HyperX Becomes No.1 PC Gaming Headset Brand in U.S. Retail Sales

HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc. today announced it is the No.1 PC gaming headset brand in retail for two years running in 2017 and 2018. The achievement is based on total retail revenue in the United States according to the NPD Group - Retail Tracking Service. HyperX became the e-tail sales leader when it entered the gaming headset business with HyperX Cloud. Starting in 2017, HyperX exceeded revenue sales of all other headset brands sold through retail outlets. In 2018, HyperX continued to grow market share bolstered by the growth of Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty and Battle Royale multiplayer games.

Best known for its gaming headsets, HyperX provides a variety of PC, console, and wireless headsets including the Cloud II, Cloud Alpha, Cloud Flight and Cloud Revolver. The recently launched Bluetooth-enabled Cloud MIX gaming headset allows gamers to unplug from their gaming device and take their wireless headset anywhere for on-the-go listening. The Cloud MIX design is subtle, street-ready and popular with people who want to use one headset for both gaming and listening to music.
"Since we started selling gaming headsets in 2014 with the HyperX Cloud, our business has focused on what gamers want - comfort, audio performance, build quality, and the ability to use them on multiple game platforms," said Tyler Needles, global audio business manager, HyperX. "We continue to design based on these core values and invest in audio technologies to improve the listening experience for all gamers, on any platform."

HyperX began as the gaming memory brand of Kingston Technology Inc. and produced high performance memory for gamers and overclockers. HyperX has grown to now include SSDs, gaming headsets, keyboards, mice, mousepads and power charging accessories.

HyperX branded products can now be found on the shelves at retailers such as Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, Target, Micro Center and Fry's. In addition to retail sales growth, HyperX continues to expand its influencer roster by recently welcoming Post Malone, award-winning music superstar as the newest brand ambassador to join the HyperX family. Sports celebrity ambassadors include Gordan Hayward of the Boston Celtics, Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers, Juju Smith-Shuster of the Pittsburg Steelers, Dele Alli of the Premier League and World Cup player, and De'Aaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings.
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Rightfully so, if i may add.
Kingston has brought some very very solid entries to the "gaming headset" market ever since their first HyperX Cloud.
Mic quality is solid, build quality is solid, pricing is fair.
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No wonder. Their headsets have amazing quality and price. I have HyperX Cloud II. Everything is great. Sound quality, good detachable mic, USB sound card included, reserve ear pads, Comfort, build quality ( aluminum and real leather, even the packaging is high quality. For the same price sennheiser offers absolute garbage headsets.
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~Technological Technocrat~
I guess it sells like ass everywhere else in that case....
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Make open-back version and bigger headband , now it's just average .
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I love my SS Arctis 7 - most comfy pair I have ever owned. I haven't tried a set of Kingston so I can't compare but I won't be trying anything else until these break. Any idea who the OEMs are?
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Using this since past 2 yrs, best Headset ever.
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Make open-back version and bigger headband , now it's just average .
They deserve the praise. The hyper x cloud lineup is truly a king budget option for price, performance, and comfort. They took the design from a different model that is escaping me on the name, but they made the right call to do so. I do agree with the quote above. I have a big noggin. I own the Stinger, Cloud, and Revolver headset. The cloud does not fit me. Gifted it to family, but it has great drivers and is super comfortable. If it was just a hair longer, then it would be my daily device of choice. The revolver is zip tied to the maximum extension. A jerryrigged modification for my football sized head. It barely works for me. It is comfortable, but imo not as comfortable as the Cloud. Similar performance in sound quality. The Revolver does have the full over ear design vs the Cloud on ear design. The Stringer does fit me once again at maximum extension, but no modification required. It is an over ear design. No where near the level of comfort of the Revolver or Cloud due to a cheaper cushion design, but it is better than most budget options. It also sticks to my head a little tight, but that might be an issue just for me. People who are smaller might not see that issue. There is only one reason that I cannot recommend the Stinger. The lack of a braided cable makes shorting it out super easy. Mine is currently broken due to this issue. I only used it for my xbox controller and was very careful with it. The Revolver and Cloud do not have this issue and still work fine. I want them to take the Clouds cushion, put it in the Stinger design, make the head size bigger, and make a dang braided cable. Also, a wireless option of this idea. That would be awesome. They came out with the Cloud Flight. I haven't tried it. It looks just like the Stinger, but the cushions look the same. :/

I'm currently using the Corsair Void Pro Wireless. It makes me feel small in comparison. It is one huge headset in design. It is so big that it will fall off my head if I look at the ground, but the upside is it is close in performance to the Cloud in sound, wireless, and comfortable for the most part. It has mesh ear cups. I wish they were leather or cloth. I hate the feeling of mesh on my ears, but you get used to it....sigh.

And feel free to use any sexual innuendos when it comes to me mentioning the word: big, head, etc. I thought about that as I was typing. I laughed.
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I have the Cloud Alpha and they are the most comfortable headset ever - so lightweight and foamy that you can forget you are wearing them - they really deserve the Cloud name. The audio quality is great, a bit heavy on the bass (but that's how I like it) and the microphone quality is fair. As they are a bit large they are not meant to be worn outside of the house.

You get quality for a good price without any useless RGB bling that does nothing to help you game or improve audio.
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John Naylor
I don't know why PR folks put these things out .... McDonald's sells the most burgers, are we to infer that it's the best burger ? ... or even a good buy ? My wife jokes .. "You wnat anything from McDonald's ?" when my kids would whine her into submission and she allowed the once a month visit ... I'd answer "Dear, it's been 30 years of marriage and 13 years of "dating" ... try and remember I'm a vegetarian". Her response ... 'So, it's not as if there's any meat in those burgers". In short, don't see that "best selling" is the be all and end all of product selection.

I will say that their under $50/$100 units (Stinger / Alpha/Cloud) are great buys for the investment ... the Astro A10 is also worth a look in that category and the A20 is a nice wireless for $150. As a lifelong audiophile, was never a fan of headphones, you don't get to "feel" the music in your bones ... or the sound in gaming. Only put on a pair when it's late. And for that limited usage, $100 is my upper limit. Tho, gotta be wireless (my only wireless peripheral) as tired of wrenching my neck when standing up to grab a snackie or take a bio.
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Thermaltake fanboy
their performance, price and the most important, they last!
quite happy with mines!!
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