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H1Z1 Leaves Early Access and Features New Auto Royale Game Mode

Daybreak Games today announced the official launch of H1Z1, the original standalone battle royale game that sparked a worldwide phenomenon. H1Z1 is now available on Steam for Windows PC with a brand-new game mode, Auto Royale, injecting high-octane vehicular mayhem into the genre.

"In 2016, we did something unheard of - we split a successful game into two products and introduced the world to the first standalone battle royale game. The next year, we created the first battle royale esports league and became the second esport to ever air on broadcast television. This year, we continue to push this young genre forward with the introduction of Auto Royale," said H1Z1 General Manager Anthony Castoro. "Auto Royale doesn't rinse and repeat what is currently available on the market; it turns the genre on its head with a fresh approach - arcadey, vehicle-only battle royale unlike anything anyone has experienced before."

NVIDIA Releases GeForce 390.65 WHQL Drivers

NVIDIA today released GeForce 390.65 WHQL drivers. These drivers come game-ready for "Fortnite," including support for ShadowPlay Highlights in the "Battle Royale" mode of the game. The drivers also introduce NVIDIA Freestyle technology, which lets you apply custom post-processing effects for your game, or choose from several included post-FX filters. More importantly, the drivers introduce security updates against "Spectre" variant 2 (CVE-2017-5753) vulnerability. The drivers also provide pop-up notifications when an external GPU is connected or disconnected. Grab the drivers from the link below.

CS:GO Might Get the Battle Royale Treatment

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) wasn't the first battle royale game to exist, but it certainly was the one that put the genre on the map. PUBG has been surrounded by success since its early access in March. The game has sold over 20 million copies worldwide, and it's in the number one spot on Steam's most-played games list. Veteran titles like Dota 2 and CS:GO don't come close to putting up the kind of numbers like PUBG did. In Valve News Network's latest video, the Youtuber analyzed the last ten CS:GO patches, and he found many references to a survival mode. The references include adrenaline shots, compound bows, Mk 2 grenades, medic kits, parachutes, drones, fist-to-fist combat, beacons, a new survival island map, and many battle royale related content. Although it's too soon to tell, but it looks like Valve has bitten the bullet and might implement a battle royale mode into CS:GO to attract more players.

H1Z1 is Free to Play for a Week Starting December 14

From Dec. 14 - 21, Daybreak Games will kick off H1Z1's first-ever Free Week! The original standalone battle royale shooter will be free to download and play in full for the entire week, starting Thursday, Dec. 14. Additionally, during this week, H1Z1 will be on sale through Steam for 75% off. H1Z1 is also celebrating the holidays with Wreck the Halls! Throughout the month of December, players have the chance to obtain a four-piece holiday-themed outfit across multiple in-game events. To win a piece of the ensemble, players must finish 30th or better in any holiday event match.
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