Monday, February 4th 2019

Intel Posts Open-Source AV1 Encoder for Online Streaming Servers

Intel posted an open-source video encoder for the new AV1 video format, targeted at online streaming servers that process large amounts of online videos for streaming. The new SVT-AV1 (Scalable Video Technology-AV1), is an BSD-2-Clause-Patent licensed video encoder that supports Linux, Windows, and MacOS operating systems, optimized for Intel Xeon Scalable processors based on the "Skylake" microarchitecture and older, as it probably leverages the AVX-512 instruction-set. It has some pretty steep hardware requirements from a client viewpoint, but nothing big video stream service providers can't afford: 48 GB of minimum RAM for a 10 bpc 4K stream, or 16 GB for a Full-HD stream. The encoder can scale up to 112 logical processors. Intel earlier offered a similar encoder for the proprietary H.265/HEVC format, with SVT-HEVC. You can inspect and grab SVT-AV1 from Intel's Git.
Source: Phoronix
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4 Comments on Intel Posts Open-Source AV1 Encoder for Online Streaming Servers

Yikes! Hardware based encoder/decoders could not come soon enough for AVone.
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Amphion Semiconductor Ltd /amphionsemi's CS8142 decoder supports AV1 decoding.

AV1 HW decode should be this year, while AV1 HW encode should be next year.
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So when does HW support come to GPU?
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Is this for actual streaming or is this a way to convert on the fly?
That price seems high...48gb min for 1? 4k stream? or 1 4k encode and convert?
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