Tuesday, February 5th 2019

Respawn's New "Apex Legends" Battle Royale Game Sees >1 Million Concurrent Players in First Hours of Launch; No Titanfall 3

The launch of Respawn's Apex Legends must've caught most of the consumer base (and even much of the industry) by surprise. A silent entry into the gaming world, published by EA? Color us all surprised. The new game, which has roots on Respawn's Titanfall IP, is a free-to-play Battle Royale game that does away with Titanfall's mechs in order to sustain up to 60 players in a match, made up of 20 teams of three players. Each "Legend", as in, playable character, has unique powers, strengths and weaknesses, and a number of them have roles that complement each other.

The game was teased and announced in a record 8 hours or so, and that announcement saw the game being subsequently downloaded and played by more than 1 million unique users, all vying for a try of the next battle royale fix. While those are great numbers (the game being a free-to-play affair helped, of course), and while Respawn's Vince Zampella glowed as he shared the news on Twitter, the development of Apex Legends comes with its own piece of sad news: no, there was no Titanfall 3 in development at Respawn. For now, EA is betting hard on Apex Legends as the ongoing work for Respawn (and cash cow for microtransactions), but who knows? Maybe one day, we'll see the game introduce Titanfall's Titans in a world-breaking update. Warframe has certainly done some such metamorphic changes since its inception.

Sources: Vince Zampella on Twitter, via TechSpot
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15 Comments on Respawn's New "Apex Legends" Battle Royale Game Sees >1 Million Concurrent Players in First Hours of Launch; No Titanfall 3

i would have play last night if it wasnt for easy cheat error at launch :kookoo:
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I wonder if this will have an impact on Fortnite.
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I wonder if legit gameplay will be had on a free EA game.

Statistics say no.

I did enjoy the campaign of Titanfall 2 very much. This would be cool to try, but im not gonna put myself through that.
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I wonder if this will have an impact on Fortnite.
It will probably wear out the F2P battle royale mode for the masses faster.
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another overwatch clone....
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Team Fortress will never die.
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Best Battle Royale game going right now. Better than COD: Blackout, PUBG, and FortNite. It's Free to play and better
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another Fortnite clone....
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Hard pass. Thanks!
Yup, with ya. With the F2P model, there will be very little budget for anti-cheating measures and you know the cracking community is hard at work on it already.
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Capitan Harlock
let's throw away something worth a lot for something no one asked for oh yeah .
Really? You where working on Titan Fall 3 and you ditch it for a free for all type of game now called battle royale ?
The only reason is trying to get people that only play this kind of games and want to cash in from them easy money .
They know that people are gonna buy those cosmetics and stuff for show how banana brain they are.
This type of game didn't invent nothing .
I really don't feel the need to play them at all .
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Battle Royale is "cool" at the moment and generates lots of money! Everybody wants a slice of the cake.
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I love the transition that full, blown games on a console or PC have adapted the micotransaction shit from free to play mobile games. Play the game for free! But you know, if you want something cool from the game that's not just the basic vanilla look - pay lots of money for a fake in-game currency so you buy stuff so your toon looks different than the other toons.
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I've been enjoying it.... it sure is a change from fortnite and pubg (no building and faster paced, respectively)..
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Be honest folks, who likes it? I Love Fortnite, yeah I said it LOL. No building in this which I suck at worse than my Non shooting skills. Seen a lot of my old BF buddies from TPU playing it last night. What class is best for supporting the squad and not relied on so much for shooting and killing, Med??? May start back with some or you guy's. Once it goes CP I will play with my son and a bud.
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