Thursday, May 16th 2019

Steam Link Application Launched for iOS and Apple TV

Steam's Link application, which allows users to stream their games from PC to the desired device, has finally come to iOS and Apple TV. Originally, the application was expected to release on Android and iOS at the same time, but it has been available on Android devices for more than a year now and iOS support just landed. The reason behind this was rejection from Apple to include such an application in their store.

While the application finally got released for iOS and Apple TV (so you can stream games to your TV as well), it isn't the same as the Android version. Mainly, the difference is simple - no game purchases are allowed in iOS/Apple TV version. That decision came after Valve, the company behind Steam, decided to remove that feature in order to comply with Apple's App Store rules. If game purchasing was allowed then Valve would have to share a cut of the profits with Apple. So far the application has an excellent rating and users have positive opinions about it. You can find it here.
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Wow a full year delay,........

This is a kind of technical malpractice IMO on the part of one if not both parties. If Apple took issue with in app purchases (its not really in app purchases since this is a remote desktop type of app) then it shouldn't take a year to remove the feature to make it compliant with Apple's draconian mandate. Apple also should't be dictating what one can a cannot do through RDP because in this case, once again, its not an in app purchase its a remote purchase.
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