Tuesday, May 28th 2019

ANTEC at Computex 2019: PRIZM Cooling Matrix Dual Fan Setup, P-Series Cases

Even more Antec was available for would-be lookers into their stand, with the company showing off a number of PC chassis and Antec's suggested cooling solution to be paired with said cases. The Antec PRIZM Cooling Matrix is one such cooling system, which pairs a dual-fan setup with 2x 120 mm fans framed by ARGB lighting. Antec say these are compatible with almost all manufacturers' RGB control systems, and feature hydraulic fan bearings for what Antec feels is the best performance. The PRIZM Cooling Matrix Dual Fan Setup is rated for a 45000 hours operating time.
Moving on to the cases, and we have Antec's P5 chassis, a small, Mini-Tower-sized, 445*210*470 mm case that nonetheless supports ATX motherboards (and everything smaller). The side panel features a sound-dampening material for maximum silence (or should it be lowest noise?), supports up to three fans (2x front,1x rear, but PSUS are limited to 200 mm, while GPUs are limited to 390 mm solutions. Surprisingly, the P7 Silent shares most traits with the P7, despite it being a Mid-Tower case: expansion slots, supported fans, GPU and PSU clearance, they're all the same across both models.
The Antec P110 Silent is cut from virtually the same cloth again, but increases the available space and expansion slots. It now supports 8 + 2 expansion slots and 6x 2.5"/3.5" disks (four of these are convertible to 2.5"). Cooling is improved with up to three 120 mm fans on the front of the case, there's support for radiators on the front, top and rear, and a graphics card holder is thrown into the mix, and the material of the case stands at aluminum and steel + ABS plastics. The P101 expands on the P110 again with increased clearance for the GPU (up to 450 mm without HDD tray, up to 270 mm with said tray), but sacrifices on the materials front, with 0.8 mm SPCC and plastic being the main materials.
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I so want the P101 right now... So many drive bays. :D
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