Thursday, June 6th 2019

Gamdias HEBE P1A Headset, ZEUS P2, HADES M1 Gaming Mice at Computex 2019

While at Computex we made sure to visit Gamdias and let's just say they had quite the diverse lineup on display. Starting with peripherals the company had the HEBE P1A headset on hand. Sporting RGB lighting like the majority of products on display it did have some impressive specifications. Starting with the drivers, Gamdias went big cramming 53mm units into the headset with a noise canceling system. Taking things a step further on the sound front the HEBE P1A also offers simulated 7.1 surround sound. For comfort and ease of use, it has oversized earcups along with a flexible unidirectional microphone. Meanwhile, impedance is quite low with it being rated at 32 Ohm meaning it won't need an amp to get the most out of it.
Gamdias had some gaming mice on display as well including the ZEUS P2 RGB which has an ergonomic rounded shell with textured sides for better comfort and grip. To make it stand out, it also has two RGB accent rings for extra flair. Using the companies, Hera software users can customize it with macros, RGB lighting changes, button reassignments, etc. It has a 1000Hz polling rate, with switches rated 20 million clicks. When it comes to the sensor, it has a max DPI of 16000.
On the other side of the fence, Gamdias had the HADES M1 mouse which uses a more aggressive shape with removable weights and interchangeable magnetic side panels to better suit certain grip styles. It can be used wired or wirelessly as well, which was an interesting design decision. In regards to the switches, the HADES M1 has 10 million click lifecycle switches and uses the Hera software for button customization and lighting control. When it comes to the sensor, it is a 10800 DPI offering.
The POSEIDON M1 3-in-1 gaming combo was also on the show floor and includes the ARES M1 keyboard, ZEUS E2 mouse, and EROS E1 headset. The keyboard uses membrane switches with a switch lifecycle of 10 million clicks. It has RGB Backlighting and is spill resistant with built-in drains to keep liquids from vital components. The mouse has an optical sensor with DPI settings of 1200/1600/2000/3200 with the default setting being 1200. It has TPE mouse feet to improve surface glide and features a 125 Hz polling rate. Meanwhile, the buttons have a lifecycle of 3 million clicks. Rounding out the combo pack is the EROS E1 headset which uses 40mm drivers and comes with a multi-color lighting effect. USB is used to power the lights while 3.5mm jacks handle audio. Impedance is listed at 32 Ohm.
Rounding out the peripherals lineup was the Gamdias HERMES P1B RGB keyboard which had a clean, simple, no-frills design. Featuring mechanical blue switches, this offering based on the design and quality looks to be a more value-focused.
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