Thursday, February 27th 2020

SilentiumPC Unveils the Astrum AT6V TG Series Cases

SilentiumPC, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers and PC cases, presents the Astrum AT6V series, a new member of its case family aimed at gamers with high ambitions. The Astrum AR6V series stands out thanks to its eye-catching design, but also for its inner strengths. One of the series' particular strengths is the sophisticated Natissis two-chamber internal structure, which offers maximum compatibility and supports an exceptionally wide range of component choices.

The large mesh front combined with the four pre-installed 120 mm fans ensure excellent air circulation inside the case. The series consists of the basic model Astrum AT6V TG and the top-of-the-line model Astrum AT6V TG ARGB. In the latter, the tempered glass side panel comes with the novel edge lit addressable RGB lighting feature, and premium 120 mm fans with built-in ARGB LEDs. Thanks to the cutting-edge features and refinements, Astrum AR6V series is able to meet the high expectations and demands of ambitious gamers.
Natissis: Two-chamber design in perfection
When developing the Natissis platform, the focus was on making the best possible use of the limited space within the chassis. The new platform should also be able to accommodate a wide range of different form factors and component variants, while offering a variety of options. The innovative Natissis structure is able to accomplish all that and even more. Simple cable management is enabled by implementing 24 cable tie-hooks and seven rubber grommet-equipped cable passthrough cutouts.

Both Astrum AT6V models can easily fit E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards as well as graphics cards with a length of up to 360 mm. When selecting the CPU cooler, air coolers with a maximum height of 162 mm or AIO water coolers with radiators from 120 to 360 can be installed. Radiators can be mounted at one of four different positions in the case, depending on the size.

Astrum AT6V TG
In spite of being the basic model in the new PC case series, the Astrum AT6V TG has a lot to offer. The modern design, with a tempered glass side-panel and aerodynamic mesh front, makes for an overall look that will appeal to gamers. Three Sigma HP 120 mm fans are concealed behind the innovative mesh front. An additional fan is located in the rear of the case, by which excellent air circulation inside the case has been ensured. Thanks to the included PWM controller, the fan speed of all the fans can be conveniently monitored and adjusted using the mainboard's PWM fan controller!

Removable dust filters are located both above and below the case to prevent dust from entering the case. The mesh panel in the front acts as a dust filter and can be removed in just a few easy steps.

The Astrum AT6V EVO TG ARGB is the perfect choice for gamers seeking a PC case with an eye-catching ARGB lighting system, and is able to properly highlight the components built into it! The newly developped edge lit glass side panel with addressable RGB LEDs offers unique visual effects. In addition to that, three Stella HP ARGB CF 120 mm fans shine in all imaginable colors from behind the front mesh front panel. Another Stella HP ARGB CF 120 mm model is pre-installed in the back of the PC case. The included Advanced Aurora Sync Evo PWM ARGB controller helps with control of fan speed and the synchronization of various ARGB elements. Users wishing to get the most out of the ARGB system, are able to connect the Advanced Aurora Sync Evo PWM ARGB to a corresponding 3-pin connector of compatible mainboards. Supported lighting systems include Asus Aura Sync, ASRock Polychrome Sync, MSI Mystic Light and Gigabyte RGB Fusion.

Ample space for data storage
The Astrum AT6V series offers plenty of space for installation of both Hard Drives and Solid State Drives. Up to four 2,5" drives or two 3,5" hard drives and two 2,5" HDDs or SSDs can be mounted. The drives are all mounted via rubber decouplers, which prevents the transfer of vibrations to the chassis. The drive mounting locations are strategically positioned to take advantage of the active airflow inside the enclosure.

I/O Panel with USB-C connection
In addition to the mandatory power and reset button, the I/O panel includes two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A and one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C connectors. There is also a corresponding button to directly control the addressable RGB lighting. In addition, a 3,5 mm jack for connecting a microphone and headphones is located in the front.

Both of the Astrum AT6V PC cases are available from online shops and retailers as of today.

SilentiumPC Astrum AT6V EVO TG ARGB:
SPC264 2 Years 95,00 €
SilentiumPC Astrum AT6V TG:
SPC263 2 Years 69,00 €
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9 Comments on SilentiumPC Unveils the Astrum AT6V TG Series Cases

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The eagerness of your demand makes me assume their cases are in fact decent?
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ChivenThe eagerness of your demand makes me assume their cases are in fact decent?
They are. Very decent ATX towers with nice fans included. I think they're covering only European market though and that's why limited fame. And yeah, wish they introduced some ITX case as well.
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Cool looking front panel, but otherwise it's just anutha yawn-generating s.o.s.s. rectangular boxen, but...
btarunrI/O Panel with USB-C connection
'bout friggin time :D
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Unicorn vomit everywhere... :(
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medi01Unicorn vomit everywhere... :(
There is a regular non-rgb version with a TG sidepanel and 4x 120mm Sigma HP black fans and an EVO version with ARGB strips and fans.
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Does anyone know what’s up with the (possibly removal?) mesh looking panel below the CPU cutout? Saw it in their last case, too, and can’t figure it out...
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claesDoes anyone know what’s up with the (possibly removal?) mesh looking panel below the CPU cutout? Saw it in their last case, too, and can’t figure it out...
After zoming in on that area, it looks like just a mesh pattern imprinted onto the metal, but I could be wrong...

The only possible reason I can think of to put mesh there would be for cooling/airflow, but there normally aren't many heat-generating components in that location, even in an EATX mobo.... but since it has screws in it, it does appear to be removable, or perhaps it holds SSD trays or a fan hub on the other side....
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bonehead123After zoming in on that area, it looks like just a mesh pattern imprinted onto the metal, but I could be wrong...
You're not wrong... it's just imprinted. You can see from the vendor's webpage here:
Scroll though the pictures and you will the breakdown of all parts and a close up of this region.
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