Monday, May 18th 2020

Intel Gen12 Xe DG1 OpenCL Performance Geekbenched

Intel's ambitious Xe graphics architecture is expected to make its first commercial debut as an iGPU that's part of the company's 11th gen Core "Tiger Lake" mobile processors, but it already received a non-commercial distribution as a discrete GPU called the DG1, with Intel shipping it to its independent software vendor ecosystem partners to begin exploratory work on Xe. One such ISV paired the card with a Core i7-8700 processor, and put it through Geekbench. While the Geekbench device identification doesn't mention "DG1," we lean toward the possibility looking at its 96 EU configuration, and 1.50 GHz clock speed, and 3 GB memory.

The Geekbench run only covers OpenCL performance of the selected device: "Intel(R) Gen12 Desktop Graphics Controller." The total score is 55373 points, with 3.53 Gpixels/s in "Sorbel," 1.30 Gpixels/sec in Histogram Equalization, 16 GFLOPs in SFFT, 1.62 GPixels/s in Gaussian Blur, 4.51 Msubwindows/s in Face Detection, 2.88 Gpixels/s in RAW, 327.4 Mpixels/s in DoF, and 13656 FPS in Particle Physics. These scores roughly match the 11 CU Radeon Vega iGPU found in AMD "Picasso" Ryzen 5 3400G processors.
Sources: TUM_APISAK (Twitter), Geekbench Database
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I don't expect intel to come thrashing out of the gates with a succesful top shelf GPU, but keeping in mind this is a discrete graphics card, anything lower than 1050 performance will be disappointing. I hope the developer DG1 card was simply meant for programmers to acquaint themselves with the card architecture and drivers, because if they eventually release with such a subpar performer, I don't see how they will be able to even challenge nVidia and AMD at the budget mid-range.
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Fierce Guppy
What version of geekbench??? The one in the pic appears to be an old version.
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The results don't look impressive considering its got some 3GB of dedicated memory. In fact, I think it is better to see performance in actual games rather than benchmarks. For example, the iGPU found on the Ice Lake processors seems quite fast on benchmarks, but don't look that impressive in actual game performance.
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Where is all that performance at that everyone claimed they would have?

96 compute units as fast as 11 from AMD?
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SteevoWhere is all that performance at that everyone claimed they would have?

96 compute units as fast as 11 from AMD?
I don't think anyone, not even diehard believers, thought their first stab at this would be anything amazing.
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