Tuesday, March 6th 2007

Mobile phones to get faster CPUs

The Inquirer has gossip about Intel's future plans concerning mobile phones and portable devices. Paul Otellini, Intel's CEO, would like to swap out current mobile phone CPUs for chips made by Marvell. This should allow them to run their operating systems faster, thereby enabling manufacturers to compete with Apple's upcoming iPhone. Apple has said that its phone will be running a special version of the OS X operating system that powers Mac systems. It may be powered by Marvell Xscale processors.Source: The Inq
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Bird of Prey
I thought marvell made raid chips only? Also, does anyone find it funny that Intel is saying their cell phone processors arent as fast as Marvell's? Maybe I just read it wrong. Does anyone know who is the major supplier of phone cpus right now? Would be neat if I could upgrade mine !
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Hmm I didn't know Intel and Marvell were working together on that now. I can't say I really care about cell phones getting faster though...
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Wile E
Power User
Interesting news. Although I agree with Scavar, as long as my phone can make phone calls, I really don't care how powerful the cpu is.
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Well i have seen cell phones (made by Samsung i think) that had dual cpu and that mobile ati chip, but of course that dam razer phone got popular (i am tired look at the phone...lol, every one has it).
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check what iv found in my phone lol . . (nokia ngage)
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