Thursday, July 9th 2020

Creative Announces SXFI GAMER USB-C Flagship Headset With Computational Audio

The SXFI GAMER is engineered with one main goal in mind—to be the perfect companion for gamers, including hardcore gamers who demand for more. Equipped with Super X-Fi technology and a pro-grade CommanderMic, SXFI GAMER is truly a game changer. Get lost in the fantasy reality of gaming world with its built-in Super X-Fi technology, which provides holographic audio personalized to your own ears. Experience an unbelievable level of realism in your headphones that sounds as good as the real thing.

Accumulating a total of 23 "Best of CES" awards over 2 years (2019 and 2020), Super X-Fi is our critically-acclaimed technology set to transform your listening experience. Super X-Fi delivers high-definition holographic audio as though there is a set of high-end multi-speaker setup within your headphones. Plus, Super X-Fi generates a custom sound profile based on your head and ear anthropometry, so the audio you get is specially optimized just for you.
How to get Personalized Audio
Each of us hears the world differently—our unique head and ear shapes affect how we perceive sound. Super X-Fi uses computational audio to personalize the headphone experience based on how you hear sound to give you the most optimized and realistic listening experience. This is done by simply taking photos of your face and ears with your phone.
Forget the Real World
Immerse yourself in the gameplay and forget the real world exists. With our expert-tuned headphone drivers, it's possible. The high-quality high-performance drivers accompanied with Super X-Fi provide you with the perfect blend of cinematic effects and precise acoustic details. With SXFI GAMER, feel the chest-pounding impact of each explosion on the battlefield, experience the deep visceral bass that gets your adrenaline rushing. You'll be able to hear much more details with the expanded soundstage of Super X-Fi headphone holography.

Super X-Fi recreates 7.1 holographic audio like in real life to be as good as the actual cinema. Unlike the cinema, Super X-Fi guarantees that you'd be in the audio sweet spot all the time. The holographic audio makes movies sound natural so you can enjoy for long hours without fatigue.

Battle Mode - Offense is the Best Defense
There's no need to hide from your enemies anymore—whether it's footsteps or the faintest sound of them reloading their guns, you know exactly where they are. With a sound profile optimized to deliver even the slightest acoustic detail with impeccable accuracy, you can take your enemies down before they realize it.

BATTLE Mode is a brand new Super X-Fi audio mode that offers the best audio projection and directionality you can get in headphones. Gain an extra edge on top of the hyper-realistic audio you get from Super X-Fi, and hear each and every detail with stunning precision. Expect to hear audio cues with a new level of clarity and depth that pinpoints your enemies' locations as well as their distance from you to an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Commandermic with Inperson Mic Technology
It's our best one yet. The CommanderMic on SXFI GAMER delivers outstanding clarity comparable to many professional microphones through its unique acoustic design and integrated pop filter. Our latest SXFI inPerson Microphone technology further enhances its capabilities by effectively distinguishing human voice and ambient noise, and focusing on suppressing noise, thus enhancing audible speech. With CommanderMic, you can speak with complete confidence and be heard clearly and accurately as you make swift commands to take your enemies down.

Premium Leatherette Ear Cups
Fitted with premium soft leatherette and padded with memory foam cushion, the SXFI GAMER is designed to conform to the shape of your head and rest comfortably over your ears for long hours. The earcups also come with an easy replacement mechanism for you to switch out your old earcups for new ones when you need to!
Custom-designed Kevlar USB Cable
Enhance your gameplay with SXFI GAMER's high-speed Kevlar USB data cable that is capable of managing high bandwidth and driving the headset to its maximum audio potential. Meticulously crafted and engineered, the cable is made of Kevlar-reinforced copper to give it strength without adding bulkiness. It is also wrapped in an aluminium and copper shield for durability, and finally in nylon braid to achieve maximum flexibility. The result is exceptional tensile strength while maintaining its ultra-lightweight build for maximum comfort.

Have it Your Way With 16.7 Million Colors
The SXFI GAMER allows you to change the LED color on the ear cups to basically any color you like! Simply connect your SXFI GAMER to the SXFI Control software to customize your headset with any of the 16.7 million colors available. If you can't decide on a color, switch to the Rainbow Pulse mode to wear them all at once!
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yee haw...bring on moar USB-C periphs !!!!!!!!!
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If you can't decide on a color, switch to the Rainbow Pulse mode to wear them all at once!
Fun fact, if you wear all the colors at once, it's white. ;)
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