Wednesday, March 14th 2007

ASUS Offers HD-DVD Ready Laptops

ASUS showcases the W1 and W2 notebook series with HD-DVD high-definition solution at CeBIT this year that will dramatically raise expectations of visual and audio satisfaction. Incorporated with Toshiba's HD DVD-R optical drive, the W1 and W2 notebooks can read discs with up to 30GB of data, including video, photo and music all from a single HD DVD disc. The HD DVD-R optical drive also plays HD DVD movies at a resolution that is six times sharper than the DVD format, presenting a vibrant, incredibly sharp and state-of-art multimedia experience. The W1 and W2 series offer an all-round high-definition experience with built-in digital TV tuner and HDMI interface, supporting standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus muti-channel digital audio on a single cable.Source: ASUS
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Bird of Prey
so does it come with Vista or MCE?
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