Thursday, March 15th 2007

CeBIT: Picture Galore continues

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Red 8600?!

... this is too much for me...
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not a suicide-bomber
still wondering why they aren't sending a 8600gs... :(
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Bird of Prey
Mine eyes have seen the coming of the glory of the LORD!
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"Enermax has a nice fan based on their Twister Bearing Technology where it has detachable fan blades so you can clean it when it gets dirty."

This is awesome, it's not so easy cleaning with a cotton stick and some dust is left behind. Hope it just stays on when in use xD
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I wonder if it would damage a fan if you dropped it into water to remove the dust then let it dry and used it again.
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if you can do it with a gameboy, you can do it with a fan hahaha. I did that by accident once, but let it dry and it still worked like a charm.
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Those Coolermaster gfx coolers look nice, esp. the massive passive one.
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