Thursday, March 15th 2007

CeBIT: Picture galore starts

The same procedure as every year, journalists sneak around and get as many pictures as the battery level of the digicam allows. I find these quite entertaining, after watching the picture show I can easily pretend I have been there too...
The first in the row is the famous VR-Zone which happen to have two parts out already. Click here for the second one!

Update I:
Planet3DNow comes next with their gallery. You will find their coverage of last year's CeBIT over there as well.VR-Zone CeBIT Coverage Part I and Part II; Planet3DNow gallery
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2 Comments on CeBIT: Picture galore starts

Bird of Prey
Not too shabby. Keep'em coming.
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W1zzard often goes to things like this. He likes to bring us back pictures too :) .
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