Friday, March 16th 2007

Steve Balmer: 'Google is insane'

Steve Balmer, a CEO of Microsoft, has some choice words to say about Google. In a speech addressed to Stanford University yesterday, Balmer calls Google's growth plans "insane", and claims that Google is merely a "one-trick pony" that only focuses on making searching easier. The Inquirer says that Mr.Balmer needs to be careful with stones in his "big glass house", and wants to remind everyone what IBM considered Microsoft just a decade or two ago. IBM considered Microsoft a "pretty humble bunch", that only focused on clients and servers. Even today, you could still argue that Microsoft still "only" focuses on clients and servers.Source: The Inquirer
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Completely Bonkers
Balmer often trys to make fools of others... but in so doing makes a fool of himself. Time he was replaced with professional P.R.
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I kinda agree, Google is going a bit too far.
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Completely Bonkers
Have you seen Google Earth? Not maps, but Earth? If not, download it. It is truly amazing. Now imagine you own that beast and sell "advertising"... or other services related to that interactive 3D map. It's going to be a huge revenue stream for Google in the future. It's real thinking out of the box compared to "text search engines".

It's amazing what a smart mind can invent. I'm sure Google will come up with many new products in the near future. We just need to break our own mindset that google=search. I know that this is hard, esp. with the new "verb", "to google".

I think sometime within the next 3 years they will rebrand. They'll keep "google" for search... and have another name for other distinct products. Just like "pepsi" or "coke". Both companies have HUGE businesses selling so much more than just "pepsi" or "coke".
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i would like to see google make their own kernal of linux to squeeze MS and apple.
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Why couldn't Billy G. remained CEO! Steve ballmer is a dummy.
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Bird of Prey
I say take Balmer out to the wood shed and shoot him and save us all. IBM totally did the same thing and look what happened. So did Apple. History has a way of repeating itself Shaft!
I wouldnt be surprised to learn Google is working on a killer OS to combat Windows and it will come out in 4 years. That would be awesoome
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Grings: 'Steve Ballmer is insane'
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Heedless Psychic
Balmer needs to be careful, words like that can land him and Microsoft liable lawsuites from Google.
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