Tuesday, December 8th 2020

XPG Launches DEFENDER PRO Mid-Tower Chassis

The XPG DEFENDER PRO manifests XPG's ambition in PC Components by introducing an E-ATX Mid-Tower dimension chassis that can host a graphic card up to 380 mm length, which is plenty of space for supporting both NVIDIA and AMD latest generation of high-end new products, and a CPU-mounted cooler up to 170 mm depth. With enough space for better heat dissipation, XPG DEFENDER PRO E-ATX dimensions can ensure future upgradeability and a lot of modding fun. XPG Defender Pro has an optimized airflow efficiency, including 3 XPG VENTO 120 ARGB fans pre-installed for gamers and modders, which can be expanded up to 7, and is ideal for users demanding an excellent balance of both exterior gamer appearance and aerodynamic efficiency.
The stunning and modern design concept of the XPG DEFENDER PRO begins at its exterior, with a Magnetic Mesh Front Panel, enabling the ARGB strips to shine from within the various layers of solid metal, while any ARGB component can also shine through the Mesh panel. Not only does it enhance a personal touch to modding creation, but also encourages airflow to be optimal from front to end. Capable of supporting up to a 360 mm radiator at the front and a 280 mm radiator at the top, XPG DEFENDER PRO is both aesthetically elegant and aerodynamically efficient.

XPG introduced BATTLECRUISER, its first E-ATX Chassis in 2019, featuring 4-sided tempered glass panels and modular interior structure design. It received numerous media accolades and recommendations for its versatile personal building options and flexibility. In 2020 XPG is introducing XPG DEFENDER PRO, with the ambitious goal of further expanding the path initiated on E-ATX dimension chassis. It is more subtle and further explores the exterior design choices of XPG's :Exoskeleton design language, enhancing a better aerodynamic efficiency and adapting its form without compromising performance. Just like its predecessors, users can choose between black or white variants to fit their style.
Source: XPG
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Me thinks 1 cheeze-grater front panel is enough for this decade, yes ? pretty sure we can get along just fine without anutha one....

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