Monday, March 19th 2007

ASUS Unveiles TS-8 Slim Chassis Series

ASUS has introduced the new TS-8 slim chassis series to accommodate users who want a stable and flexible chassis solution. With its compact dimensions and the ability to dissipate heat efficiently, the TS-8 is a perfect mini PC addition to smaller homes and offices.

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Perfect Thermal Efficiency
Heat dissipation is a critical issue for mini-PCs. Venting holes located on the side panel draws cool air into the system, while the attached air-duct and side fan funnel the air toward the processor and graphics card. The heat gathered from these components is then expelled out of the system via two high-efficient fans located at the rear of the system. Additionally, the TS-8 series’ thermal capability fully supports Intel’s P5 Prescott 3.8GHz CPU and SATA hard drives.

Compact and Expandable
In locations where every square inch counts, a chassis that has a size advantage is ideal. The TS-8 series provides the best of both worlds – being both compact and expandable. Based on the mATX form factor, the TS-8 chassis provides drive bays for two optical drives, one 3.5” drive and three hard drives; and space for four add-on card expansion connections for future upgrades.

Hassle-free Installation
With tool-free drive cages, installing optical drives is a simple process. Simply slide the drives in, and they are ready to go. The detachable hard drive cage permits users to easily install hard drives away from the computer – eliminating the need for users to contort their hands in a chassis’s cramped environment. Thumbscrews are also implemented on the side panel for easy removal and access to system interior.Source: ASUS
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6 Comments on ASUS Unveiles TS-8 Slim Chassis Series

I never liked ASUS cases and I never will T_T.
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not bad cases, what's the price ? (it decides whether it suxx or not in this case, as it's asus :p)
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Bird of Prey
The Asus Vento is probably their best case. Im not into humongous cases, but I dont like slim, cramped cases either. I love their Vento...even though I Didnt use it in my build. Its great for heat disappation, lovely with cooling features and air flow...and nice enough to handle most all watercooling rigs.
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reminds of a d3ll, not to bad tho imo
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Asus Vento is a horrible case...its all plastic, everything is cramped inside... no good airflow which makes the fan useless.
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