Wednesday, January 13th 2021

8-core Intel "Tiger Lake-H" Processor by End of 2021

Intel at its recent 2021 International CES call confirmed the existence of an 8-core version of its 11th Gen Core "Tiger Lake" processor, and held the chip for the camera. The visibly bigger chip will be slated in Intel's H-segment (35 W to 45 W TDP), meaning it will only power gaming notebooks and mobile workstations; while the mainstream mobility segment will still be in the hands of its 4-core "Tiger Lake-H35" silicon. The 8-core "Tiger Lake-H" processor will also receive reasonably high clock-speeds, boosting up to 5.00 GHz.

Assuming the cache hierarchy and uncore/iGPU setup is unchanged between the 8-core and 4-core dies, we're looking at 24 MB of shared L3 cache, and 1.25 MB of dedicated L2 cache per core. These alone take up a big slice of the die-area. Add to this, the uncore features a PCI-Express Gen 4 root-complex and memory controllers that support dual-channel DDR4 and LPDDR4x memory types. The iGPU is expected to be based on the same Gen12 Xe-LP architecture as the 4-core die; although its execution unit count remains to be seen. In all likelihood, the 8-core "Tiger Lake-H" silicon is based on the same 10 nm SuperFin node.
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5 Comments on 8-core Intel "Tiger Lake-H" Processor by End of 2021

END of 2021, so likely Q2 2022.

Its not going to happen, and if it does, maybe it'll reach 5 Ghz for 0.1 s before going back to an abysmal base. On one core. With optimal cooling. They're still confused as hell apparently, why do they want Tiger Lake to boost up to what their Skylake derivatives could? Marketing?! Its such a waste of power when the node clearly doesn't like it.
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nvm - this is notebook, not desktop.
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If these 6-8 core die are pin compatible with current 4 core max design, I suppose some OEM will still utilize them. However, if they require new motherboard thus new laptop design, AMD will continue dominate these newer high end laptop.
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These alone take up a big slice of the die-area
Sorry, but just couldn't help it by reading die-area...diarrhea.
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