Tuesday, March 9th 2021

Cooler Master Introduces White Edition V850 Gold V2 PSU

Cooler Master has introduced a new high-debit power supply to the market, increasing the available choice for users looking to put together an all-white bill. The V850 Gold V2 White Edition PSU offers a modular cable arrangement, all-Japanese capacitors, and a 135 mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan that works in a passive mode when load on the PSU is up to 40%.

Connector-wise, we're looking at 1x 24-pin, 1x EPS 4 + 4, 1x EPS 8-pin, 12x SATA, 4x 4-pin, and 6x PCIe 6 + 2 pin. These PCIe pins come in 16AWG form, instead of the more usual 18AWG - Cooler Master promises on improved amperage, higher power delivery stability and lower in-case temperatures, since the 16AWG cables don't lose as much energy as 18AWG ones.
Source: Cooler Master
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6 Comments on Cooler Master Introduces White Edition V850 Gold V2 PSU

What exactly do they mean by high debit?
Does it mean a really high price?
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Freshwater Moderator
I'm glad to see more white units with white being the actual colour and not just an accesory
I miss the old white-gold fractal build i had
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i have to say, first impression is pretty good
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Yeah, introduced it like half a year ago...
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Caring1What exactly do they mean by high debit?
Means you need to get a matching "high credit" power supply according to my old financial accounting professor...or the CM PR team intended to use "high-end" but messed up.
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Raevenlordan all-white bill
Just exactly WTF is this ????

Holy typo Batman, those shitheads over at CM sure needz to learn how to goof-proof-read their PR's :D
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May 19th, 2022 22:18 EDT change timezone

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