Monday, May 10th 2021

Eurocom Announces Sky Z7 R2 Powered by Dektop Core i9-11900K

The EUROCOM Sky Z7 R2, based on the Intel Z590 Express chipset, features the long awaited and most powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs ever created. Eurocom's Sky Z7 R2 is one of the few laptops that utilizes modular GPU technology based on the MXM 3.1 version 2.0 socket technology. This means the Mobile Supercomputer's high performance GPU is fully upgradeable and can be replaced at any time, giving the laptop unmatched customization and upgradeability.

Powered by NVIDIA's newest RTX graphics (up to the Geforce RTX 3080), the EUROCOM Sky Z7 R2 delivers the ultra-performance that power users crave. It's built with enhanced processing cores that delivers twice the performance as its previous generation counterpart. Whether power users want to play the most graphics-heavy games today in maximum resolution and framerate, livestreaming in the highest image quality with the best encoding, or editing and rendering complex 3D scenes, the EUROCOM Sky Z7 R2 provides power users the performance needed to create and play in the highest quality possible. Seamless and stutter-free 4K gaming at 60 FPS, as well as 8K video editing, rendering and gaming. The EUROCOM Sky Z7 R2 gives power users the performance headroom to crank up graphics settings and resolutions to the maximum in order to deliver an incredible visual experience.
This Eurocom Mobile Supercomputer is specifically designed with fully-upgradeable components featuring upgradeable, non-MaxQ GPU (via MXM 3.1 v2.0 technology) and desktop level CPU (via LGA 1200 socket), with easy-to-access and fully-upgradeable internal hardware, battery and external power.
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Stupid idea now that we have Ryzen 5000.
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This is a case of paying too much for a computer that can never allow its hardware to run at its full potential. You are more likely paying for its secondary feature not advertised, that's the heating feature to warm your hands during winter. Just run a heavy load or graphically intensive game on it and you will feel nice and warm after a minute. Sarcasm aside, historically laptops or DTR like that never runs as fast as they sound on the spec sheet. Basically too high end, too hot for whatever extravagent cooling they can afford in that laptop chassis. And its not mobile because it will need at least 1 giant and heavy power brick, though I suspect 2 are required as seen in some of those top end laptop.
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