Monday, June 7th 2021

MSI Presents the MPG GAMING MAVERIK Bundle

Excitingly, MSI announced its MPG GAMING MAVERIK bundle, which includes MSI's MPG Z590 GAMING EDGE WIFI SP motherboard, MPG CORELIQUID K360 SP liquid cooler, and MPG VELOX 100P AIRFLOW SP PC case. This bundle kit also comes with an Intel Core i7-11700K processor and Trident Z Maverik memory, which is co-branded with G.SKILL. The MPG GAMING MAVERIK is here to provide a fantastic experience for demanding users.

The design of the MPG GAMING MAVERIK has been fine-tuned inside and outside. The unified vibrant color scheme throughout the printing, animation, and lighting effect on all the components presents a party ambient. The consistency in the design represents the evolution of MSI's motherboard, liquid cooler, and PC case.
Thanks to years of MSI's experience in performance tuning, the MPG GAMING MAVERIK shows the true power of the CPU. The Core i7-11700K is an 8-core processor with 16-threads, offering a 3.60 GHz base frequency and 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes. With MSI's exclusive Core Boost Technology, it runs well with pre-set all-core frequency at 4.80 GHz and releases the true power of the 11th Gen Core processor.

The memory included in the bundle is co-branded with the world-leading memory manufacture G.SKILL and supports Intel XMP frequency at 3600 MHz. "Over the years, G.SKILL has worked closely with MSI to bring extreme memory performance of each platform generation to worldwide PC gamers and DIY builders," says Tequila Huang, Corporate Vice President of G.SKILL International. "We are excited to partner with MSI on the MPG GAMING MAVERIK bundle, based on the latest Intel Z590 chipset, to showcase the performance of this new platform generation by offering a high-speed memory specification under this co-branded Trident Z Maverik memory kit with MSI."

Last but not the least, the DIY experience is also important to us. The MPG GAMING MAVERIK has a pre-set-up motherboard, CPU, memory, and liquid cooler, which saves a lot of time. With the 24 pin and 8 pin power extension cables, DIYers can manage the cables easily while setting up a power supply. Other tool-less designs, such as a hinged swing door and magnetic dust filter, are friendly to DIYers as well.

MPG GAMING MAVERIK will hit shelves soon in June with limited quantity. Don't miss it if you like. Click here to learn more about MPG GAMING MAVERIK.
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7 Comments on MSI Presents the MPG GAMING MAVERIK Bundle

I wonder what did they fine tune as mentioned in their marketing.
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Seems like MSI would have included a video card in the bundle since they are calling it a Gaming Bundle.
Posted on Reply
64KSeems like MSI would have included a video card in the bundle since they are calling it a Gaming Bundle.
You don't need a GPU to game, just lots of RGB. :laugh:
Posted on Reply
Caring1You don't need a GPU to game, just lots of RGB. :laugh:
Posted on Reply
The irony is, they have no GPUs as they themselves scalp them to miners, no sympathy from me. Everything is in stock but GPUs, no one wants your trashy so-called "tuned" components without the heart of a gaming machine. LOL
Posted on Reply
Jun 28th, 2022 11:50 EDT change timezone

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