Wednesday, April 4th 2007

Logitech Prepares "Wave" Keyboard

After the recent FCC approval for a new wireless keyboard/mouse combination called "Cordless Desktop Wave", Logitech is now preparing Windows Vista keyboard. The new device will be Logitech's first keyboard tailored for use with Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system. Compared to the currently available "Cordless Desktop Comfort laser" keyboard, there are now a few dedicated buttons that directly correspond to Vista features. There are four additional buttons that allow access to Vista Gadgets, the Photo Gallery, the Windows Media Player and the Media Center. The Wave also offers keys for Vista's Flip3D feature and a function to put the PC into sleep mode. The enclosed mouse also supports Flip3D by clicking and the scroll wheel. Pricing has not been announced but it should remain around $100.

Source: TG Daily
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Bird of Prey
While it does look odd, it seems like it would be very ergonomic and comfortable for typing and hell, even gaming.
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A good gaming+multimedia+ergonomic keyboard :D looks odd tho in some way :wtf:
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