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I-ROCKS Launches RF-7330L 2.4GHz Digital Wireless “Anti-Jam” Laser Mouse

i-Rocks’ latest release is the RF-7330L 2.4GHz digital wireless laser mouse. This wireless laser uses the new generation of 2.4GHz Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) digital wireless technology, allowing it to automatically switch to a new channel when it detects interference from other wireless devices. The mouse also has access to 8,388,608 sets of IDs so your keyboard and mouse won’t run into interference problems with other RF products or even lose their connections. The RF-7330L’s has all-round 360-degree wireless reception with no blind spots. Users can therefore use their mouse freely without having to actually aim it at the receiver and it has an effective transmission range of up to 15 meters.

SteelSeries Announces Uber Expensive Exclusive Professional Gaming Surface

SteelSeries, a leading manufacturer of innovative professional gaming gear, today announced the release of SteelSeries SX, a new professional gaming mousepad. Every SteelSeries SX is individually fiber polished and anodized, before being manually treated with a new unique liquid silicone coating, developed specifically for this surface. The exclusive gaming surface raises the bar for gaming accessories, offering what is probably the smoothest gliding sensation ever found in a professional gaming mousepad. Included with the mousepad is SteelSeries Glide MS and SteelSeries Silicone Glide, a specially designed saturated cloth, to further improve glide and reduce friction. SteelSeries SX is available in very limited quantities at selected retailers worldwide. It is also available at the SteelSeries website as a single product (49.95EUR/59.95USD) - or in 3 different bundles: SteelSeries IME 3.0 SS bundle, SteelSeries 5H v2 USB bundle and as a SteelSeries 4H bundle.

Source: SteelSeries

New Razer Copperhead v6.10 Drivers and Firmware v6.19 Finally

As a Razer Copperhead user I can't tell you how happy I was when this morning brand new driver and firmware update have been released. The new Razer Copperhead driver version 6.10 is now Vista 32/64 compatible. The new firmware version 6.19 has slight profile change. Now the 1st profile is changed from 2000dpi 500Hz to 1600dpi 125Hz. Head over the Razer Download Center and download your new driver.Source: Razer

Good Work Systems releases Fragpedal Elite

Berkeley, CA –April 2007 – Good Work Systems today announced the release of the Fragpedal Elite, a sleek new edition of their popular new dual-foot 4-button Fragpedal™ USB gaming foot pedal. The Fragpedal Elite follows in the “foot steps” of the original Fragpedal Classic released in early 2006, this time with a new button design nuanced for ultra-fast “twitch” response in First Person Shooters. Both models of the Fragpedal allow gamers to enter mouse and keyboard commands as well as sophisticated macros with both feet, a capability that has been wholeheartedly welcomed by PC gamers.

Top 10 Weird Game Controllers

Most of us natively play our games with a keyboard and mouse - or a gamepad, if you are the owner of a console. There are games that profit greatly from a special controller - I myself couldn't imagine any serious racing games that could be played without a steering wheel. But what about other controllers? How about a control glove, or perhaps a chainsaw, that will definitely make you feel "in the game"?

New launches has a compilation of the Top 10 weird game controllers. For some interesting game controllers, click here.

Source: New Launches

Logitech Prepares "Wave" Keyboard

After the recent FCC approval for a new wireless keyboard/mouse combination called "Cordless Desktop Wave", Logitech is now preparing Windows Vista keyboard. The new device will be Logitech's first keyboard tailored for use with Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system. Compared to the currently available "Cordless Desktop Comfort laser" keyboard, there are now a few dedicated buttons that directly correspond to Vista features. There are four additional buttons that allow access to Vista Gadgets, the Photo Gallery, the Windows Media Player and the Media Center. The Wave also offers keys for Vista's Flip3D feature and a function to put the PC into sleep mode. The enclosed mouse also supports Flip3D by clicking and the scroll wheel. Pricing has not been announced but it should remain around $100.

Source: TG Daily

Kensington Becomes Charitable

Kensington, a company best known for producing fairly simple computer accessories such as mice and keyboards, has revealed that it plans to support he charity Breast Cancer Campaign with its new Si750 mouse. For each sale of its new optical mouse, which sports a pink design and is aimed at notebook users, Kensington will give 10% of the money it makes (it’s unclear whether it is 10% of the consumer cost or 10% of the profit it makes) to the charity. The special edition mouse will go on sale next month for £40 at stores including PC World and Currys.

Source: Reg Hardware

Optimus Keyboard Gets New Name at CeBIT

Here are some good and some bad news about the ultimate Optimus keyboard project, unveiled directly from Artemy Lebedev and Dimitry Tosy right after the CeBIT in Hannover started. I'll begin with the bad news. First the expected $1,200 price is now $1,490(cough). Second, the complete Optimus keyboard isn't being shown at CeBIT, just a few screenshots. Now the good news. The keyboard is now called Optimus Maximus and there will be OLED keys after all with an expected life span of only 5 years. Each 32 x 32 resolution OLED will remain stationary. Pre-orders of the unseen keyboard start in April with delivery in November/December 2007.Source: Engadeget

New Logitech G5 Gaming Mouse

Logitech's popular gaming mouse, the G5, got a facelift and will be available immediately. The weight customizable distribution unit is still the same allowing you to tweak the handling properly. New are the 9! mappable buttons and a more accurate scroll wheel.
The price will be the same as before (around 75 Euros), so is the laser unit (2000dpi).

Source: VoodooExtreme

Logitech Delivers Peripherals for PLAYSTATION 3 European Launch

Today at CeBIT, Logitech announced it will support the European launch of PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) computer entertainment system with a line of products that includes the new Logitech Cordless Precision controller for PLAYSTATION 3, the Logitech ChillStream controller for PLAYSTATION 3, the Logitech Cordless MediaBoard keyboard for PLAYSTATION 3, the Logitech HDMI cable and the Logitech USB Headset for PLAYSTATION — these products are specially designed to enhance gamers´ experience with Sony´s new gaming platform.

Optimus-103 configurator spotted has pictured the configurator for Art Lebedev's Optimus-103 keyboard. The Optimus is supposed to be a revolutionary keyboard, in that each key will have its own LCD, which will then be configurable through software. There will be endless possibilities, you will be able to fully customize the characters on the keyboard to the current software you are using.

The keyboard has been in development for quite a long time, and hopefully this is a sign that it will be available for purchase soon.

Source: New Launches

Sony and Immersion settle, PS3 may get rumble yet

We reported a couple days ago that Sony would never use rumble in the PS3, as it was a "last generation feature". However, in a recent press release, Sony announced that they had fixed their problems with Immersion, who's technology made it possible for Sony's earlier PlayStation's to have rumble. To make things even more interesting, Sony and Immersion are now business partners. Sony on this partnership:
We are very pleased to have reached a cooperative agreement with Immersion regarding the use of its advanced vibration technology (haptics technology). We look forward to working closely with them as we explore new and innovative ways to utilize this technology in PlayStation products.
Chances are that this means we'll see a rumble feature in the PS3...eventually.Source: 1Up

Rumbling controllers never coming to the PS3, Sony calls them 'last generation'

Sony has dashed the hopes of millions of PS3 users hoping to get an after-market controller for the PS3 that would have rumble. They did not incorporate rumble in their next-generation console not because a lawsuit prevented them from doing so, but because they felt rumble was a "last generation feature", and that motion sensitive controllers are for the current generation of consoles. You can read Sony's actual quote by following the source link.Source: 1Up

'Ultimate' Vista keyboard spotted

'Ultimate', 'sexy' and 'love' are the describing words that Jason Chen from Gizmodo used in his news article. This Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 he is talking about really must have something.

You want to see more of this piece of technology made by Microsoft? Then look at the gallery he created with lots and lots of pictures.Source: Gizmodo

OCZ Introduces the Equalizer 2500 DPI Laser Mouse

OCZ Technology Group, today unveiled their plans to introduce gaming peripherals, and offer the best gaming mouse on the market. The new OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse is sure to excite today’s demanding gamers with its unique features, high performance engine, and competitive edge. Designed to give gamers an extra edge, the Equalizer features quality ergonomics and advanced features so gamers can excel in even the most demanding games.

SPEED-LINK Illuminated Dark Metal Keyboard

Weertzen, February 2007 - Anyone sitting at their PC late at night exploring the virtual world can enjoy the discreet lighting of the Illuminated Dark Metal Keyboard in all its glory. The keyboard background lights up blue and the characters and keyboard symbols are correspondingly coloured. Everything else is black like the night.

Microsoft and Razer Introduce Reclusa Gaming Keyboard

Microsoft has teamed up with Razer once again to introduce the new Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard. Build for hardcore gamers this keyboard features blue LED keys backlighting, Hyperesponse technology for maximum key response, 5 different gaming profiles, and two built-in gold-plated USB ports. Gamers will also be able to improve their efficiency with 12 custom-programmable buttons that include two 360 degree jog-dials and two bumper buttons conveniently located on each side of the keyboard for faster control and optimized gameplay. Microsoft Reclusa will be widely available in March 2007 for an estimated retail price of $69.95 (U.S.). For complete information on Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard, please click here.Source: Razer

Razer Unveils the DeathAdder Gaming Mouse with 3G Infrared Sensor Technology

Razer, the world’s leading brand in high-end computer gaming peripherals, unleashes the Razer DeathAdder, an ergonomic right-handed gaming mouse with the world’s first 3G infrared sensor. The Razer DeathAdder boasts the groundbreaking 3G infrared sensor technology that ensures perfect control over the mouse in any gaming arena. The 1800 dots per inch (dpi) 3G infrared sensor when paired with 1000 Hz Ultrapolling and 1ms response provides pinpoint accuracy and lightning fast speed. To top it off, the Razer DeathAdder also possess zero-acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet and award-winning On-the-Fly Sensitivity drivers.
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