Wednesday, April 4th 2007

NVIDIA will create clever market name for CUDA

AMD's ATI has a fancy name for their graphics card computing solution (Stream computing), so why doesn't NVIDIA? Since the CUDA name isn't exactly very appealing to the consumer market, NVIDIA is planning on renaming the CUDA incentive when it has something more ready for public release (such as a Folding@Home client). Rumor has it that NVIDIA will call their GPU-accelerated computing solution "GPU Computing", but we will see when NVIDIA actually releases clients to the average user.

For those of you that don't know, CUDA is a C compiler that compiles software so that it can be run/accelerated using an NVIDIA GPU as a processor.Source: The Inquirer
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3 Comments on NVIDIA will create clever market name for CUDA

Bird of Prey
Nice. Though, Stream Processing sounds more appealing and alot better than GPU Computing, which is blah and boring. They should call it unified processing or something.
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I'd just call it "mean green turbocharger for compy" :p.
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CUDA = seems too programming-like name
GPU computing = not everybody knows what GPU stands for...
Stream Computing = much better huh!
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