Thursday, April 19th 2007

PS3 and PSP firmware updated

Sony has updated the firmware for its two most recent consoles, with a few improvements for each. The PS3 firmware has been updated to version 1.70, which will enable gamers to play PS1 software purchased from the PlayStation Store (previously only playable on the PSP) and will allow the use of the vibration function of accessories when playing PlayStation and PlayStation 2 titles (not PS3 games unfortunately, but a step forwards). The PlayStation Store still lists all classic titles as being for the PSP, but this may be changed when it’s updated later this week. As for the PSP, the firmware has been updated to version 3.40, with the most noticeable changes being improved support for PlayStation Network titles and a changed method for managing certificates under [Game]. Apparently with the new firmware, gamers can share save data between both consoles allowing PS1 titles to be continued on the move and at home.Source: DailyTech
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Bird of Prey
Awesome, Ill have to hook up my wireless router now and connect to download. I still get drops is why I unhooked it, killed me it did. Also, I believe the PS3 may soon be getting rumble controllers back :)
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[QUOTE=allowing PS1 titles to be continued on the move and at home.

Source: DailyTech[/quote]Thats the kind of intergration I wanna see. I wanna beable to start a game or movie on ps3 get up turn my psp on have the movie or game playing already get in my car and have the tv in my car start showing a feed then even whereever i go if there is a spare tv it will pop up on there too cause from what i hear there is wil likely be 2 tvs per capita in the world...theres already more tvs than people
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