Monday, April 23rd 2007

PSP gets a price drop in Europe

Following a $30 price cut for the PSP in the USA earlier this month, Sony has now officially reduced the price of the handheld across Europe. The price in the UK will be coming down from £149.99 to £129.99, with the rest of Europe having the price slashed from €199.99 to €169.99. This comes after months of Sony ruling out any price cuts, with the changes being effective from May 4th (a week on Friday). There have also been five new platinum titles launched for the console at £14.99 each - Ridge Racer 2, Tekken: Dark Resurrection, Killzone: Liberation, LocoRoco, and MotoGP. With the DS being sold for £99 in most retailers across the UK, this reduced price gap gives Sony a better chance of competing in the portable consoles’ market.Source: m&c
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3 Comments on PSP gets a price drop in Europe

that's cool.... good for people in europe lol. I hope they woulda dropped Tekken: Dark Resurrection a little bit earlier, like last summer lol. I bought it for $60 before tax for my cuzzin... haha
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Zero Cool
lol yea those prices are way higher then the actual cost if you ask me. You can get it for 150 here for a while now ( czech republic that is)

EDIT: I am reffering to 150 Euros
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Bird of Prey
Nice cut, but they need to bring it down to DS levels to really be successful.
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