Wednesday, May 2nd 2007

BioShock - It is all about the Water

In BioShock you will walk and dive through the remains of a hidden under water city called Rapture. BioShock will be released in late August of this year for the PC and Xbox 360 and the developers now revealed spectacular footage of the water effects in the game. You will find a mid-quality video online as well as a 65MB 1280x720 HD video which does BioShock's great visual effects much more justice.
If you want to dive into the technical and gameplay aspects of the water features you will find a Question and Answer article over at 2K Games which goes into all the details.
Will there be a difference in the water effects if you are using DX9 or DX10?

JJ: Depending on the performance gain on DX10 hardware, there will potentially be some additional details and effects enabled on these cards.
Source: 2K Games
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9 Comments on BioShock - It is all about the Water

Just what I wanted :D
But August is a lil TOO MUCH late, but I can survive for it...
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What a kool year this is gonna be. My wish-list is already a mile long!
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this game is #1 on my list, higher than Crysis
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Bird of Prey
BioShock...sounds awesome and an underwater city to boot. Ill probably wind up getting it for the 360. Nothing really new in the 360 or ps3 department right now for games.
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looks awesome once i heard that it was made by the people that did SS2 i was all over it
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The water by itself looks good, but that scene with the pipe leaking into the water just ruined it for me. Those 2D sprites were lame. I hope it interacts with objects that move through the water.
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Man, this game is gonna ROCK the 360! This, Mass effect, DIRT and Forza 2 are LONG overdue...
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Now I want something Jedi Knight to go with that water. Imagine swimming with lightsabers and see the small fuzz.. Auorghghh...
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