Friday, May 11th 2007

Simpsons Xbox 360 soon

The Xbox 360 Simpsons edition is a special version of Microsoft's standard $399 console meant only to commemorate the upcoming animated movie. In contrast to previous promos with the console, the limited run will color the entire system: the whole shell, as well as the wireless gamepad, will ship in the cartoon's characteristic yellow; the main unit will also have strategically placed art to recall the movie, Microsoft says.

The console is otherwise identical to the stock $399 system, which includes a 20GB hard drive as well as a component AV cable and an Xbox Live headset. Much like the majority of the Zune's special editions, however, the Simpsons Xbox will only be available as one of 100 units available through a contest to be revealed soon on the official Xbox website.

Source: Electronista
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9 Comments on Simpsons Xbox 360 soon

only a hundred aye? i can see those going on ebay for thousands.
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To infinity ... and beyond!
yellow! and simpsons! cool!
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why didnt they do the elite... its only 100 xboxen... oh well :)
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Azn Tr14dZ
If it's free to enter the contest then I'm in!
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Bird of Prey
Cool looking, thats for sure.
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Dark Ride
Mushkin Rep
Painting the console yellow, putting Homer and the "Simspons The Movie" logo on the console is not quite original. It's something you can come up with in 5 seconds. They should have put more work into it. Especially since it will be very limited. Should have been really special, not plain yellow with a simple logo + the main character's head.

Reminds me of the N64 Pokemon version a bit, by the way.
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My stars went supernova
They should make thousands of them.
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