Saturday, May 26th 2007

PNY Announces NVIDIA 8800 Ultra and 8800 Ultra Overclocked Graphics Cards

Today PNY announced the availability of their branded NVIDIA 8800 Ultra Standard and 8800 Ultra Overclocked graphics cards. The PNY cards share all the same features with the other 8800 Ultra graphics cards currently on the market. The stock PNY 8800 Ultra will be clocked at 612MHz on the core, 1500MHz on the shader clock, and 2.16GHz on the memory. PNY has set pricing for the standard 8800 Ultra at $799.99. The overclocked version of the PNY 8800 Ultra will carry a core clock of 648MHz, shader clock of 1512MHz, and a memory clock of 2.24GHz. The overclocked card will be available in June with a MSRP of $849.99. That price should make the PNY card one of the lowest cost overclocked 8800 Ultra cards on the market. Both cards will come with three year warranty (plus an additional 2 years upon completion of a registration form on PNY's website).

Source: PNY
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4 Comments on PNY Announces NVIDIA 8800 Ultra and 8800 Ultra Overclocked Graphics Cards

$849.99 OMG!

Who needs an OVERCLOCKED Ultra ??? I want one though :rockout:
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i cannot wait for AMD and Nvidia to get challenged by Intel in the graphics card market and then we shall start to see energy efficiency as well as performance become the priority.
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Bird of Prey
Id like to see that as well from both performers, referring to the Intel made video cards.

And you know what, Id bet Intel would make a sweet ass graphics card that could scale (like their procs do now) and oc like hell with very small voltage bump. Wouldnt that be sweet?
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Oh, I wish I could afford one of those. However, with a video card costing just a little under what I would want to spend on a pc in general, that might seem a little pricy.
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