Tuesday, June 12th 2007

Capcom Hits Valve, Unleashes Steam

Japanese developer and publisher Capcom has announced it will begin selling its titles through Valve's PC digital distribution platform Steam. Today's announcement marks the latest of Capcom's efforts to support the PC, which include upcoming ports of the former Xbox 360 exclusive Lost Planet: Extreme Condition as well as Devil May Cry 4. Capcom's Steam offerings will begin later this week with the release of Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, which originally appeared on PlayStation 2 and was only recently released on the PC. A PC version of Onimusha 3, which also appeared on PlayStation 2, will arrive in the following weeks, with Lost Planet: Extreme Condition arriving on Steam the same day it hits retail, June 26. No mention was made of the recently released PC version of Resident Evil 4.
Steam is the right place for us to go with our titles. Valve has created a huge installed base of gamers who naturally fit with the profiles of the titles that Capcom develops.
said Capcom executive vice president Mark Beaumont.Source: Shaknews
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6 Comments on Capcom Hits Valve, Unleashes Steam

I think it would be neat if they brought back some of the old-school stuff such as the Megaman series, Street fighter series, etc and so on.
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Bird of Prey
I agree LiNKiN. I love the megaman series. I play the megaman battlenetwork games on emulators right now. also some old school snes fire emblem games :)

Nice work. I didnt know Capcom released DMC3 and ONIMUSHA3 for the PC. I have to get those.
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Bahh, capcoms console ports have always been lacklustre with no new content and crappy graphics, if your going to play capcom games, play them on a console.
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oh. ha!! I just got that.
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w00t this is gonna pwn pwn PWN!!!
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