Monday, July 2nd 2007

Sony Patents mobile phone case....with airbags

For some time, scientists have been debating whether or not airbags harm people more than help them in an automobile accident. Sony, blatantly ignoring the claims of the anti-airbag scientists, has decided to reinvent the airbag, and use it as a way to protect cell phones.
According to Sony's patent application, the water-tight casing would surround the internal electronics of a mobile phone and then be placed within a second liquid-filled container, which would be perforated with holes.
Apparently, the purpose of these liquid airbags would be do hold your cell phone in place, and protect it in the even of a fall/spill. While the research is physically sound, whether or not people will want this awkward (and possibly large) cell phone case remains doubtful.

Source: Reg Hardware
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8 Comments on Sony Patents mobile phone case....with airbags

Bird of Prey
what about the outside of the phone? I mean, are they going to encase that too? Thats what gets damaged more often than not, especially the screens.
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no doubt this idea would be ideal for rough terrain such as mountain climbing and etc and when the technology becomes compact enough for regular phones Sony will be the key holder to the patent.
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This would be good for those tough-PDA's for use in construction sites etc.
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Creator Solaris Utility DVD
i approve and disapprove.......first really good for rough terrain as was said b4 on the other spent thousands of dollars in r&d for that?!!! :wtf:
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