Wednesday, July 18th 2007

Intel To Shrink Penryn For SFF

With the desktop PC market heading toward SFF (small form factor), Intel makes plans to shrink its newest Penryn processors.
Penryn will have two versions for its BGA packaging, LV and ULV, which will see die sizes shrink from the 35mm squared of previous Merom processors to 22mm squared. This will assist SFF products in becoming even smaller. Penryn will launch first as a 35mm square SV version in the second quarter of 2008 while the LV and ULV are scheduled for the second half.

Intel will launch its next generation Centrino platform, Montevina, in the second quarter of 2008. The platform will consist of 45nm Penryn processors, Cantiga GM/PM northbridge chipsets, and the ICH9M southbridge. The platform will also support the Wi-Fi/WiMAX wireless module codenamed Echo Peak, and the 802.11n wireless module codenamed Shirley Peak. Chipsets will support DDR2/DDR3 memory and the graphics engine will have built-in DisplayPort and HDMI/HDCP support, added the sources. Source: Digitimes
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4 Comments on Intel To Shrink Penryn For SFF

35nm is seriously getting small.
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tkpenalty said:
35nm is seriously getting small.
I thought he was talking about the size of the chip itself, not the technology (i.e. 65nm, 45nm, etc.) :confused:

Either way, it sounds pretty exciting :D
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Bird of Prey
Yeah I saw that 35mm and 22mm and I was thinking the die shrink but I believe he is mentioning the size of the chip not the fabrication size.
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Of course its the die size as it is "mm"
what would be a very large :D production size.
(btw. 1000000nm = 1mm)
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