Wednesday, August 1st 2007

NVIDIA Vows to Fix GeForce 8800 by Mid-September

NVIDIA confirmed a couple days ago that their GeForce 8800 series (in particular, the GTS 320MB version) suffers from a texture slowdown "of complex nature". Thankfully, NVIDIA is wasting no time in fixing the problem. We already have a timeframe for when we can expect an end to this "highly annoying" bug. NVIDIA expects to have a working fix to this problem by late August at the earliest, and mid September at the latest. The Inquirer has found that the easiest way to avoid the problem is to not press the Alt-Tab key combination while switching between game window and program window.Source: The Inquirer
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11 Comments on NVIDIA Vows to Fix GeForce 8800 by Mid-September

Yay!!! :D
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My stars went supernova
It only took them about a year.......
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lol isnt it a year and a half? :confused:
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By far, benchmarkers DONT tell us this. When playing most of the games, the 8800GTSs do this ALL the time. :shadedshu to the guys who do the benchmarkers.
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lol. nv conspiracy, while bashing ati ^^
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Hmmm i never had a problem with the 8800's but then again i never press Alt-TAB in games other than Overlord :)
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Bird of Prey
Well hell, at least they are fixing it. Thats a problem alot of games go through with cards, the alt tab is a blessing and a curse.
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Never had a problem.
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People expect the 8800 to crush anything and everything in it's path. Well unfortunately, certain parts in games are bound to slow the FPS down, even if to a crawl.

You're not going to run into a battle online with thirty other people and shit blowing up left and right and have your FPS stay at the previous cruising speed of 75 or higher.

This issue has more to do with when the FPS drops, that it does not return to normal/avg rates when you leave said areas in a game or said situations.

It's probably texture memory that's not being purged. You can write your own small batch file to do this manually or automatically.
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You could probably do that yourself but for those who A) do not know how to write such a program and B) are too lazy to either make or find them, all they can wait for is for nVidia to fix the problem. And if we're shelling out lots of $$$ for a product, I'd expect that it would be pretty damn near perfect (obviously it's unrealistic to demand perfection on release, but it's been months since the 8800 debuted!).
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