Monday, August 20th 2007

GeIL to Introduce New Memory Cooling Solution

Golden Emperor International (GeIL) has begun to stealthy showcase its upcoming RAM modules that feature a new cooling solution. Developed by Taiwan-based CompTake, the new heatspreader is made out of aluminum and copper, using top located heat pipe to transfer the heat. The new cooling system is set to be introduced together with GeIL's upcoming high-end DDR3 modules.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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7 Comments on GeIL to Introduce New Memory Cooling Solution

everytime i hear the Geil brand name... i think of a gecko or a lizard
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That's funny. That looks like an alright cooler, though.
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it is pretty high, going to have problem with cpu cooler
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They remind me of the corsair dominator kit ... similar any ways
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Bird of Prey
Dominator kit isnt as tall as that though.

Nice cooling, but this is going to force mobo makers to separate the ram further from the CPU
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man they look pretty wicked actually....

It may interfere with some of those huge cpu coolers though......
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Looks pretty, but I don't see that heatpipe doing anything xD Where does it start and where does it lead to? Nowhere is the answer, it just runs on top of the memory. Seems like only function of the heatpipe is to connect those copperfins to the memory :)
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