Saturday, September 1st 2007

Mushkin Launches DDR2-800 CL4 Modules

Mushkin Enhanced launched today new DDR2 PC6400 CL4 Standart Performance Plus DIMMs. The new memories are available in both 1GB Single (991567+) as well as 2GB Dual Channel kits (996567+) and are designed to operate at CL4-5-5-12 timings. The New Perfomance Plus modules also feature Mushkin's exclusive FrostByte heatspreaders.
Source: Mushkin
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3 Comments on Mushkin Launches DDR2-800 CL4 Modules

Bird of Prey
Nice timings. Id like to see 3s from Mushkin. I believe it is definitely possible.
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Timings seem kinda loose for DDR2 800, my G.Skill has been at 4-4-4-12 rated for PC6400 since before winter. I know mushkin is a good brand, but what makes these so special? Hopefully price or severe OC-ability, maybe you can get the timings to CL3...who knows.
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where the hell are my stars
what chips are on these?
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