Thursday, September 6th 2007

ASUS Releases BC-1205PT Blu-ray Drive

ASUSTek Computer (ASUS) has unveiled a new internal blu-ray drive, the BC-1205PT. The BC-1205PT is a BD-ROM/DVD±R/RW/CD-RW drive that is capable of reading data from and writing data at 12X DVD+/- R, 6x DVD+/- RW, 4X DVD+/-R (DL) and 5X DVD-RAM speeds. The drive utilizes SATA interface, 4MB data buffer and is capable of reading both single and dual layer Blu-Ray media. In addition, the new drive comes with Asus' patented DDSS II (Double Dynamic Suspension System II) technology that helps minimize the vibration caused by the spindle motor, and LCT (Liquid Crystal Tilt) technology that provides enhanced pick up head accuracy.

Source: ASUS
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2 Comments on ASUS Releases BC-1205PT Blu-ray Drive

Bird of Prey
Any word on price? Id like to see a do it all writer featuring Blu-Ray even though the media for it is still wickedly expensive.
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I would like to know a price as well... I honestly feel that it is better to wait a year or two on the new Blu-ray and HD-DVD writers because the prices are very high and they will drop quite a bit as time goes on. Plus, as WarEagleAU said, the blank media is very expensive. :ohwell:

Being able to write that much data to a DVD would sure be nice though!!!
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