Thursday, January 17th 2008

Silverstone TJ10 ESA Edition Available Next Month

Silverstone has informed VR-Zone that Temjin TJ10 ESA Edition is slated to start retailing by the end of February (pricing to be updated later). The difference from the original TJ-10 is that Silverstone has implemented an ESA (Enthusiast System Architecture) controller in the new version that works with ESA certified motherboards to provide full system monitoring and thermal control. What is ESA?
Source: VR-Zone
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6 Comments on Silverstone TJ10 ESA Edition Available Next Month

And I thought this case couldnt get any better :p
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Any case that cost $300+ should come with a PSU. :shadedshu
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Served 5k and counting ...
Most people would pull the pre-packaged psu in a case out anyways and put what they want in there.

But I do agree with you.

This thing looks really outstanding.
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I'm the only one
This is what the esa module looks like.I wonder if you need a special board to connect this too?

I think its a great case,i would'nt care if it comes with no psu,if your buying such a high end case,you'd probs buy a decent supply anyway.
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I chose the TJ09 over the 10 'cause i hate doors on PC's.

Is this ESA something you can get seperately and install yourself?
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Bird of Prey
not sure. I think you could maybe for a case, maybe. For a motherboard, no.
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