Thursday, February 21st 2008

ForceWare Beta 174.13 Leaked

Oh boy, more unstable drivers! If you enjoy playing with such things, ForceWare 174.13 supports the GeForce 8200, 9200, nForce 730a, 750a, 780a and GeForce 9800GX2. Here are linkies if you want to give it a whirl.

ForceWare 174.13 x86.

ForceWare 174.13 x64.Source: Nordic Hardware
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Creator Solaris Utility DVD
why not game time!

gay vista only nvm
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eww *stabs zek for vista driver linx*
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forceware beta running on vista beta, never a good combo haha

you could install SP1 and brick it lol, at least then you can reload with XP:laugh:
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classic, wish i had thought to post that!!!

really u make me laught thanks are in order :D
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lol, i'm not stupid enough to try that... :shadedshu
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Served 5k and counting ...
Wait a moment!? When in the world is the release of the 9800GX2 again?

Either way, meh smella stinkin vista driver....
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Slowly but surely these 1fps increases are working there way up to a big 10 fps increase.
Hmmmn faster drivers each time but problems nonetheless i get the display error sometimes on beta drivers but if it works for everygame except crysis then crysis can wait a little longer!
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Wow, 174.13? A big number there. Last time I owned a nVidia card they were up to 9x.xx or so. Lot of revisions and versions and they still haven't fixed issues with AvP which appeared with 7x.xx, like all the way back in 2005. Hence the reason I haven't bought a nVidia card in years. You can say what you want about AMD/ATI and there are occasional issues with their drivers as well, but never has a driver release from nVidia broken a game so completely.

If you play the latest and greatest titles nVidia is fine, but for full compatibility with older stuff or releases from smaller publishers, especially European or Asian ones, ATI is king.
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