Tuesday, February 26th 2008

Acer Prepares 16-inch and 18.4-inch Blu-Ray Notebooks

Acer plans to start offering Blu-Ray equipped laptops in the spring of this year, the company's Taiwan head explained on Monday. The executive confirmed that the computer firm will have two notebooks available with the world's first 16- and 18.4-inch widescreen notebook LCDs, capable of playing Blu-Ray movies in full HD (1920x1080) resolution. Other specifications of the portables have not been revealed, though the Blu-ray feature will likely dictate dedicated AMD or NVIDIA graphics as well as a minimum 2GB of memory. Prices should range between $1,900 and $2,240 depending on the screen sizes and configurations.Source: Electronista
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4 Comments on Acer Prepares 16-inch and 18.4-inch Blu-Ray Notebooks

18.4 inch screen? Might as well carry a monitor in your bag
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Wow that's not really a laptop but more of a moving desktop.
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WoW, that´s big laptop. This would be for me too big to carry it in my bag. Laptop with blue ray drive and such big screen is waste of time, it would be too big and too expensive. Why they didn´t just put blue ray drive into normal screen laptop.
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16" seems nice, but 18.4" is a little big.
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