Monday, March 17th 2008

Inno3D Launches i-Chill ZEROtherm Hurricane GeForce 9600GT

Inno3D introduced last week the new i-Chill ZEROtherm Hurricane equipped GeForce 9600GT. Boasting overclocking speeds up to 750MHz/1625MHz/1940MHz core/shader/memory this card utilizes the ZeroTherm HC92 Cu 8800 3-in-1 cooler. Ideal for both active or passive operation, it is made of a large copper heatsink with 4 heat-pipes and 92mm fan. The fan can be removed at any time, making the card virtually silent and 100% passive cooled. If you're not that kind of person, you can always put the supplied fan back on its place and enjoy low temperatures. Other than that the card comes with 3 years warranty, gold plated DVI and TV-out, top A1 solid capacitors, and a free game included in the bundle.

Source: Inno3D
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3 Comments on Inno3D Launches i-Chill ZEROtherm Hurricane GeForce 9600GT

Bird of Prey
Awesome cooler but a little funky shaped and huge. Gold plated connectors, awesome, but unless you have a gold plated cable and gold plated recepters on your TV/Monitor...kind of pointless. Nice card though.
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This is the ugliest gpu cooler I've ever seen. congrats (looks abit like a bear trap lol).
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very nice package for the enthusiast, love Innovision.

- Christine
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