Wednesday, May 28th 2008

Intel ''Montevina'' Centrino 2 Platform Delayed by Couple of Weeks

Chip maker Intel will delay the introduction of its highly anticipated "Montevina" platform referred to as Centrino 2 due to technical and certification problems, the chipmaker said Tuesday. The initial rollout scheduled to take place after Computex and until July 14 is not going to happen. Instead, the release date has been pushed back by one month to August 2008. The problems behind this delay include the certification of the Wi-Fi wireless standard and technical issues with the Centrino 2 integrated graphics chipset, which is causing random failures. Because of that Intel will launch only the Centrino 2 CPUs and some of its chipsets on July 14th. The Centrino 2 processors will include the "T" and "X" (Extreme) models. Other parts of the new Montevina platform as well as the faulty chipsets will need to be rechecked, causing this delay to prolong to a month. "Initially what will be available on July 14 are the (Centrino 2) processors and some of the chipsets," Intel spokesperson Connie Brown said. Source: CNET News
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