Wednesday, May 28th 2008

Nick Mackechnie: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Coming

In a recent blog post Nick Mackechnie, Senior Technical Account Manager at Microsoft New Zealand, has revealed that the next public preview of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 will come in the third quarter of this year.
We are encouraging site administrators to get their sites ready now for broad adoption of Internet Explorer 8, as there will be a beta release in the third quarter of this year targeted for all consumers.
he wrote two days ago. The second beta for IE8 will render web pages in "standards-compliant" mode by default. Also, the IE 8 Beta 2 build will come as a public beta targeted at all consumers. To learn more, please follow this link.Source: Microsoft Blog
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4 Comments on Nick Mackechnie: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Coming

I wonder how this will effect other browsers.
I use to hate Ie6 and all prior browsers of MS, but ever since i started playing around with my o.s and ie7 ive realized its a great browser.
Ive played around with Ie8 beta and it still needs a bit of work. Very eager for full release.
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IE was created to ensure that MS owned the browser "market" when Netscape was a threat. Once they obliterated Netscape, they sat around and let IE6 rot for years. Now that Firefox, Opera, and Safari are starting a new browser war, MS jumps into action.

We don't want MS to control the browser market. It's just another monopoly that would only be bad. IE6 was a train wreck when it came to quirks and lack of adherence to standards and MS didn't give a rat's ass about it.
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And it still wont be able to pass Acid tests...
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Internet explorer was bought in a dodgy deal. The deal was, these people would get a percentage of all sales of 'Microsoft' Internet Explorer - then MS bundled it for free. Parent company went under, MS bought them and integrated it into the OS's since.

THe thing is, IE has never played nice with the net standards for web pages - it was follow the rules and have problems, or do it the MS way and have it screw up in anything not IE (asus websites for example, dont work properly in anything not IE)

IE 8 stands to change that, as this release mentions - "standards-compliant" mode is going to make them work properly, and bring about a new age of compatible, WORKING websites! hooray!
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