Monday, July 21st 2008

MSI Launches Montevina-based GX620 Notebook

MSI has launched the GX620 a Centrino 2-based notebook with the company's exclusive Turbo Drive Engine technology to enhance the speed of CPU. The GX620 includes the new ECO Engine power saving technology to extend battery running time. The ECO quick launch touch sensor allows consumers to switch among five different modes including Gaming, Movie, Presentation, Office, and Turbo Battery.

GX620 features a 15.4-inch LCD display, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 3D graphics card and MSI's exclusive vivid image enhancement technology. GX620 also features Digital/Analog 5.1 Channel headphone output and SPDIF connection. The GX620 features Intel Centrino 2 processor technology, including Core 2 Duo processor and PM45 Express chipset, to deliver mobile solutions and provide HD capabilities, wireless connectivity, and long battery life for Blu-ray movie playback, highlighted MSI.

Source: MSI
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3 Comments on MSI Launches Montevina-based GX620 Notebook

Cold Storm
That's a pretty nice lappy right there. To bad I won't be thinking of getting one.
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Indeed it is with a very nice price too i bet
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~Technological Technocrat~
this laptop sounds perfect for me, but im more into 'Kobalt PC's due to them having 9800m GT & also using the same reliable chasis as the old trusty ROCK laptops before they got shafted & went bankrupt.
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