Monday, July 21st 2008

AMD Releases ATI Catalyst 8.7 Graphics Driver Package

AMD released stable versions of the ATI Catalyst driver package for the Radeon series graphics accelerators. According to the release notes document (located here), improvements on both the features and performance fronts have been brought about. The drivers specific to your version of Windows, Linux, Windows on Macintosh (Bootcamp), Mac OS and on your model of Radeon accelerator can be found on the company website here.

Feature Improvements
  • This release of Catalyst introduces an enhancement to the Catalyst Control Center Information Center. Full Hardware information will be shown for each physical graphics accelerator installed in the system.
  • This release of ATI Catalyst Linux introduces preview support for Ubuntu 8.04 ; SLED 10 sp2.
Performance Improvements
  • 3DMark Vantage: Performance increases of up to 20% is noticed in the Performance Preset on single card configured systems when using ATI Radeon HD 36xx or ATI Radeon HD 34xx products.
  • Company of Heroes DX10: Performance increases of 3% to 12% is noticed in specific maps on single card configured systems when using either an ATI Radeon HD 48xx, ATI Radeon HD 38xx, or an ATI Radeon HD 36xx products.
  • Lost Planet DX10: Performance increases of 4% to 15% is noticed in specific maps on single card configured systems when using either an ATI Radeon HD 48xx, ATI Radeon HD 38xx, or an ATI Radeon HD 36xx product.
  • Call Of Duty 4 DX9: Performance increases of up to 4% in specific maps is noticed on single card configured systems when using an ATI Radeon HD 48xx product.
  • Lost Planet DX9: CrossFire scaling improves up to 1.7x and performance increases up to 80% across all Radeon products when AA and AF is enabled.
Several issues have been resolved as described in the release notes document.Source: AMD Game
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69 Comments on AMD Releases ATI Catalyst 8.7 Graphics Driver Package

Just gonna try these out on my newly sooped up 4850...stability sounds promising.....
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For the record, I was asking about my 2600xt in those last posts.

On the other hand, going from 8.4 to 8.7 got me an extra 30 points on my 3850. lol.
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Im almost scared to try them, those "leaked" 8.7s broke the living hell out of my system not allowing me into windows with a totally black screen and I read into them and they were supposed to be fake. Everybody that tried a 4850 bios flash suffered the same issues, and they were hard as hell to remove/fix.

But these are offical so it should be ok, shame that most of the performance boosts are for single cards and not crossfire, but you would think if a single card runs faster then crossfire would too....

Anyways I was having artifact issues in crysis so may as well try these to see if its fixed. Wish me luck :P

And yeah stay away from the 8.7 betas they are evil.
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Theese drivers killed my framerates. Ill try a fresh install.
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Senior Moderator
These drivers work great so far on my HD4870. Lots of benching to do tomorrow!
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I did a fresh driver instal and my performance is were it should be now, ill have to check out Crysis tomorrow.

Edit: it already is tomorrow, lol
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Resident Grammar Amender
Downloaded them this morning before work, I'll give 'em a shot in the mouth tonight. ^^

I'm only 403 marks off 10K in ePenis06 so if these drivers can give me any improvement I'll be happy.

Especially where it counts.... as in CoD 4 & Crysis!
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Big Member
Neohazard said:
LOL tks a lot Erocker, but im really disapointed sorry for the past words but its the true, i will only see this thing better when i saw results of it, Try to understand me i pay a lot for a PEGCARD i test it i make all the things possible to use it at the maximum and i dont have any kind of gain i only spent energy time and much patience of this = disapointment

If i spent this time playing games i will more happy but this things dont work 100%
Hey man I went from a 2900XT to a 3870 and then to a 4850 without an issue. The 4850 without a doubt is the best bang for the buck. If your getting a BSOD then maybe you're overlocking it to far. My mobo doesn't take to ANY kind of OCing. Maybe yours is the same.

Whatever the issue you are having I can say with all honesty your in the minority. Also if your having such a big problem why don't you start a thread like erocker suggested. We all like to help! :toast:
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What about World in Conflict DX10 ? Is there any improvement on 3870 ?
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sebx said:
What about World in Conflict DX10 ? Is there any improvement on 3870 ?
Well the readme says:
"Resolved Issues for the Windows Vista Operating
"World In Conflict: Setting the video quality to high no longer results in corruption
being noticed. Further details can be found in topic number

So I guess that's an improvement :)
Or at least a sign that they used WiC in their test system on vista, which is where you'd use DX10.
So why don't you get them and try them.
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I have installed 8.7 official ATI and i have 2 radeon 4870 in crossfire mode: ALL OK

3DMARK VANTAGE from P7460 tested wuth 8.6
to P10750 with first releas 8.7 that support crossfire perfect.

I think with the new 8.8 that comes out for the 4870X2 the performance goooo gooo :toast:

UPDATE... 00.13
Tested RACE GRID: 1680x1050 Ultra quality in all video setting : 4X antialiasing ... always during the race fix to 105fps WOWOWOW
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I was curious and i have tested the driver 8.7BETA.... and surprise :twitch:
go better than 8.7 OFFICIAL

With 8.7BETA P10955

205 point is very much :toast:

And another thing that i have noticed.. with 8.7 official there's the texture problem in the first 2 test 3d mark vantage, than with the 8.7BETA the test is perfect

:eek: Someone have tested this thing?????

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8.7beta was kinda buggy for me
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Just curious . . . has anyone had any unusual issues with CAT 8.7 and the 3870 series?

I've been running into a lot of game crashes since installing 8.7, even getting error messages from ATT that "ATI Tray Tools has run out of system resources." :wtf: :confused:

lock-ups, crashes, artifacting, GPU unresponsive requiring VPU recover to kick in . . .

even reflashed my cards back to stock speeds . . . still . . .

I'm gonna clean 8.7 off and throw 8.6 back on and see if anything changes; just wondering if I'm the only one with these issues . . .
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I cannot get this driver to enable Xfire:banghead: Anybody have an idea why? I am using 2 X1950Pros and Catalyst says "one card is disabled" but device driver has both functioning properly:confused: I am using Vista Ultimate 64 ;)
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