Thursday, August 28th 2008

Gigabyte Enhances DDR2 Memory Table for P45 and P43 Motherboards

Gigabyte has given all its DDR2-supportive motherboards based on the Intel P45 and P43 chipsets a BIOS upgrade with which they now support assured overlocking headroom till DDR2 1333+ for the P45 series and DDR2 1200+ for the P43 series, with the "+" denoting it could go higher. DDR2 1333 and DDR2 1200 memory would be natively supported by the motherboards. The following motherboards benefit from the BIOS update.

Gigabyte Intel P45 Motherboards:


Gigabyte Intel P43 Motherboards:

BIOS files can be found on product pages of each motherboard on the company website. Source: Gigabyte
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5 Comments on Gigabyte Enhances DDR2 Memory Table for P45 and P43 Motherboards

i like gigabyte mobo's , most powerful mobo's in the world
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Hmm nice, my motherboard is there. This might be more of an bug fix, as OC memory wasn't working that great for peeps. My current F7 bios (same as F8 in DS3R) has been rock solid, so not in a hurry to update and not like my memory needs it. Good to get better bioses though, never know what mem I got in the future :)
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Nice! Been thinking about getting some super fast ram for this board. Now if only I could get my Q6600 to do 400MHz FSB...
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I have a EX38-DQ6 and for one thing they haven't come out with any updates for it BIOS in awhile but, yet they were coming out with BIOS at the time I was using it for all their other MB when I had paid twic as much for that board as the some, of the ones they were giving updates and making better at overclocking. It can not push my Q9450 past 3.6Ghz without giving up on me and my new P5Q Deluxe can easily do 3.85Ghz with the same chip. I am done with Gigabyte and the board has a wierd cold boot issue to where it won't boot right when it has been off all night and it resets it's BIOS settings leaving you to reset everything again. Total lack of quality IMO.
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Man, is this DDR2 1333+ memory already available? Until this moment I have bought 10GB DDR2 mem for my mobo.
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