Thursday, October 30th 2008

Thermaltake Toughpower Series Upgraded to 80 PLUS Bronze

Thermaltake Technology is pleased to announce its high performance power supply line Toughpower series, had been upgraded to the 80 PLUS Bronze standard since September 2008. The first three Toughpower models certified as 80 PLUS Bronze ready are Toughpower 600W, Toughpower 700W, and Toughpower QFan 500W. With our commitment to offer users quality and environmental friendly products, the remaining models of Toughpower series, and QFan PSUs are all under the application process of 80 PLUS Bronze standard.

80 PLUS is a cutting-edge, electric utility-funded program for the integration of energy-efficient power supplies in desktop computers and servers. The 80 PLUS Bronze standard certifies PSU that has 82%, 85%, and 82% or higher energy efficiency rate at 20%, 50%, and 100% of loading, respectively. This requirement makes an 80 PLUS Bronze certified power supply considerably more efficient than traditional 80 PLUS certified power supplies.

Thermaltake’s Toughpower series has gained great reputation for the excellent performance and high efficiency supporting high-end enthusiasts’ gaming machines. With Double Forward Converter Design and upgraded components, Toughpower series can reach up to 87 percent efficiency at all loads and power factor at almost 0.99. These figures have proven the exceptional quality performance of Toughpower series to exceed the requirements of 80 PLUS Bronze standard. The QFan models on the other hand, were equipped with the patent 14cm silent QFan for silence operation. Read more on the 80PLUS Bronze upgraded Thermaltake Toughpower Power Supplies at the official websiteSource: Thermaltake
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Bird of Prey
Well its nice to see more PSU makers getting certified. Id like to see more silver and gold ones though. Like to know at least 85% of my PSU power is being utilitized.
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