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More GeForce GTX 295 Details Trickle-in

Slated for CES '09, the GeForce GTX 295 would spearhead NVIDIA's quest for performance supremacy. The dual-GPU card consists of two G200b graphics processors working in an internal multi-GPU mode. VR-Zone collected a few more details about this card.

To begin with, the two GPUs will offer all their 240 stream processors unlike what earlier reports suggested. On the other hand, the memory subsystem of this card is peculiar. The card features a total of 1792 MB of memory (896 MB x 2), indicating that the memory configurations of the cores resemble those of the GeForce GTX 260, while the shader domains resemble those of the GTX 280 (240 SPs). The entire card is powered by an 8-pin and a 6-pin power connector. The construction resembles that of the GeForce 9800 GX2 in many aspects, where a monolithic cooler is sandwiched between two PCBs holding a GPU system each. The total power draw of the card is rated at 289W. The card has a single SLI bridge finger, indicating that it supports Quad-SLI in the same way the GeForce 9800 GX2 did (a maximum of two cards can be used in tandem).

Source: VR-Zone
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newtekie1 said:
It isn't a big deal where the power comes from, as long as it is there. I was just responding to his point that nVidia has needed to create these dual GPU cards to top ATi. While that is true, it isn't in the context that he put it in, as ATi has been the one needed dual GPU cards to top nVidia's single GPU cards, nVidia just responds with a dual-GPU card of their own. Thats the cycle when nVidia has the stonger GPU Core. When the roles are reversed, and ATi has the stronger GPU Core again, nVidia will probably be the first to pump out dual-GPU cards to top ATi's single GPU cards.

Personally, I would prefer single GPU solutions, simply because of all the problems SLi and Crossfire solutions add to the mix. You have games not supporting the technology, with users have to wait for patches from both the graphics card manufacturers and game developers. You have situations like GTA:IV, where SLi isn't supported. So everyone that bought 9800GX2's are stuck with the performance of a single GPU. Crysis, for the longest time, didn't support Crossfire properly, so users of the HD3870x2 and HD4870x2 were stuck with the performance of a single GPU.

1.) Yes, we've gone over that. Read the thread. I mean modern implementations using Crossfire and SLi. If you go back far enough, you will find plenty of dual GPU implmentations.

2.) Yes, and the single PCB design of ATi's dual GPU cards is nothing new either, it has probably been used just as much. Your point?

3.) I have no problem with recycling designs. I say pick a design and continue to refine it. But what I want to know is how you have jumped to the conclusion that the GTX295 is almost identical to the 9800GX2 from a few off angle pictures, and no real picture of the PCBs. How can you make the claim that there are more changes from the HD4870x2 to the HD3870x2 without any good information on the GTX295's PCBs? The G200 is a completely different beast from the G92, there are likely huge changes to the PCB design. Funny how you see a card from ATi with essentially the same layout/form factor as the prevous generation, and say there are huge changes, but on the nVidia side, you see the same thing, and say there are no changes at all.

4.) See above.
i see both sides of the argument, some dont care how the frames are rendered and 2 GPU's are as good to them as one.

i am however one the other side of the fence, a biiiiiiig fan of single gpu solutions.

i do really enjoy setting up and tweaking multi gpu setups, (have done SLi and CFX) however with both its just simply more work to get it running sweet, and then there's application support.......overclocking is harder, and you hardly get value for money.

having said that i want this GTX295 bigtime :)

also bottom pic was the 4870X2, seems only the 48xx series has the AMD or brand logo right above the pci-express port :) was like that on my 2-4870's, one said AMD as this does, the other says gigabyte.
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