Monday, December 15th 2008

A-DATA Introduces New XPG Gaming Series Memory Modules

A-DATA Technology, a worldwide leader in high performance memory products, introduces today its entire XPG Gaming Series which represents the very best of A-DATA’s cutting edge technology in gaming memories, delivering the perfect blend of performance, durability and stability with low power consumption. XPG Gaming Series features highest reliability and fulfills exceptional requirements for high-end modules at a very attractive, low price.
Perfect memory for gamers at every level
In order to provide the ever growing PC gaming market with the best memory hardware designed for gamers at every level, all modules of Gaming Series is available as single channel kits in 1GB/2GB and also as 2GBx2/1GBx2 dual channel configurations. Recent next generation Intel Core i7 platform using the latest DDR3 technologies has proven that i7’s internal controller gives a notable performance increase while using DDR3 in triple-channel configuration. Following this new innovation, A-DATA also provides DDR3 Gaming Series modules as triple-channel kits running at 1333MHz and 1600MHz. With high capacities up to 6GB, those memories can unleash the true power of 64-bit operating systems, such as Windows Vista platform.

More than just for gamers
The whole Gaming Series memory line is customized to fulfill gamers’ need of performance and stability. A-DATA XPG G Series modules are guaranteed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding multiple online gamers but also professional graphic designers and multimedia auditors, seeking for high reliability and stability.

Source: A-DATA
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5 Comments on A-DATA Introduces New XPG Gaming Series Memory Modules

The Knife in your Back
Not a big Intel fan here, but after reading this wondering if anyone knows exactly how much of a difference the DDR3 makes on a i7.
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Bird of Prey
Im glad to see DDR2 but I agree the timings are loose. My Transcends do 1066 standard at 5-6-6-18 2t
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its not about ddr3 as much as the core i7 actually being able to make good use of multiple channels... atleast thats what the benchmarks say.

in sandra i get like slightly over 50% bandwidth efficiency, where as the core i7 seems to be way up there, not 100% but real close.
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i agree about low ram timengs , i expect the ddr2 800 come with 4-4-4-12
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