Thursday, January 8th 2009

Samsung Brings Two More DisplayLink Enabled LCD Displays

Two more Samsung monitors will be making it easy for notebook and netbook consumers to enjoy the entertainment and productivity benefits of an additional display, thanks to integrated USB graphics technology from DisplayLink Corp. Demonstrated for the first time at 2009 International CES, the new Samsung SyncMaster D190SU and D220SU monitors were announced soon after the launch of Samsung's first DisplayLink enabled SyncMaster 2243QW display. As already mentioned, thanks to DisplayLink’s USB graphics hardware inside the monitors, users can connect their portable computer to them with the simple snap of a USB connection, without the need of a discrete graphics card. Both SyncMaster configurations – the 19-inch D190SU and 22-inch D220SU will be demonstrated at CES in the USB TechZone in DisplayLink’s booth in South Hall 3, 30368. Additional details are unknown at the moment of this publication.Source: Samsung
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